Survive on Dirty Water? - New Technology Makes It Possible

Here's another survival product article from our Guest Bloger Sharon Bender for Sharon holds numerous scholarly degrees, has served as an educator and is a freelance writer. She loves investigating the latest survival gadgets and technology. Here is the latest:

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Nearly anywhere you go in the world today you will find undrinkable water. Even at the local restaurant things can be a little daring. The glass of something that resembles water sitting on the table in front of you causes speculation as you stare at it for a few awkward moments. You wonder how it will taste. You try to see through the glass to determine what’s floating in there. Is it just a bubble or something else?

There is a new survival product in the protoype phase that is an exciting innovation. Once it becomes available, it will be a modern day necessity. Here are three great reasons:

Reason #1. LifeStraw is portable! It's just 25cm long and it can hang on a belt loop, around your neck, or it can be stuffed in a pocket, backpack, or purse. It requires no power or parts. Take it on trips to third world countries or just to the park where a water fountain might look suspiciously unsafe for use. Thousands of people die every day from waterborne diseases with diarrhea being the most prolific killer. More than one billion people around the world do not have safe drinking water. That is one sixth of the world's population. We are all conscious of the water we drink these days. You might not pull the LifeStraw from you purse or pocket and start using it in your restaurant beverage, but you might want to bring this little device along on camping trips or on trips in general.

Reason #2. LifeStraw is lifesaving! It's a water purification tool that cleanses surface water, making it safe to drink. It can filter up to 700 litres of water (that's about a year's worth of safe drinking). It removes most of the micro organisms that make us sick and spread diseases like typhoid, diphtheria, and Cholera. It can filter bacteria like Salmonella and E. Coli. Sometimes the most innocent looking water can cause diarrhea and dysentery, which can not only spoil your vacation, but cause a life-threatening illness.

Reason #3. LifeStraw is reliable! It's been laboratory tested to kill bacteria on contact and to remove particles up to 15 microns with its bacteria killing PuroTech Disinfecting Resin (PDR), textile pre-filters, and active carbon that stands up against a host of parasites. But people with certain pre-existing illnesses such as thyroid disease or iodine allergies are advised to check with a doctor before using this or other water filtration device.

LifeStraw, originally designed for use in third world countries, is currently being prototyped for our use, and should become available soon. Be on the lookout for it. 

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Jul 19, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)


...that's 15 kinds of 'microbes' (I assume), not 'microns', a unit of microscopic measurement. MR

Jul 22, 2006
by Alexis

Thanks for the catch

I think you're right. Thanks!!! I'll make the correction.