Disgusting Candy Your Kids Will Love

While searching for online Halloween games to write about, I stumbled across some pretty weird (and disgusting) looking candy. These candies are tasty treats that, for the most part, just look kind of creepy.

Here's a collection of the 10 Weirdest Candy Treats that your children will love to try!



Scorpion SuckersScorpion Suckers Candy #10: Scorpion Suckers

Eating these suckers makes you feel like your living in a nightmare. What do you think the thought process was for this one? Do you think they said to themselves no one eats scorpions in real life? Maybe they will if we stick them in a lollipop? Eating these must feel so strange, not to mention disgusting. But I'm sure someone out there thinks this is an innovative and great treat! (Candy)


Toxic WasteToxic WasteCandy #9: Toxic Waste!

This candy is literally toxic! If you're up for adding more sourness to your life, let me introduce you to Toxic Waste. Toxic Waste is designed to be the biggest sour sensation you've EVER experienced! The candy inside the Toxic container is actually a lollipop with three layers: the outer layer is sour, the middle layer is sweet, and the third layer is extremely sour (just when you thought you were done with the sour part)! The website claims it's the only double-action sour flavor on the planet. If you like sour, this is THE choice in candy for you. So, go ahead and try Toxic Waste! (Candy)




Skeleton PopsSkeleton PopsCandy #8: Skeleton Pops

What could be creepier than eating another person? The brilliant creator of this candy takes advantage of this phobia, and turns a part of the human anatomy into a tasty treat: your bones! Don't worry; this nifty candy tastes like strawberries and not bones, so go on… Lick those bones clean. (Candy)





Eyes of Terror GumballsEyes of Terror GumballsCandy #7: Eyes of Terror Gumballs

If your child is always asking questions, this is a pretty good way to scare them. Try starving them for a few hours. Then, walk in with this awesome candy in your mouth. “Mommy, what are you eating?" “Oh, nothing.” At this point, it would be a nifty trick to pop this candy out of your mouth, and make your child jump higher than you ever imagined. Agh! It’s an eye! This candy is a gumball, and gives a pretty good imitation of a human eyeball. These little candies will creep just about anybody out, especially when they try to eat it. They are, of course, artificially flavored. Enjoy! (Candy)



Gummy SnakeGummy SnakeCandy #6: Gummy Snakes

Do you know any kids that won't stop throwing "hissssssssy" fits? They're the kids that run around with unlimited amounts of energy, screaming their head off every time you don't give them what they want. Now you can give them something to really scream about. This candy comes in the shape and color of a snake. This 36" snake may taste and feel like a gummy bear but be careful; this would give anybody with a herpetophobia a heart attack. (Candy)



Candy ScabsCandy ScabsCandy #5: Lick Your Wounds Candy Scabs

The idea of watching someone pick at their scab is weird. The thought of having to watch someone lick and eat their scabs is totally disgusting. Have fun grossing people out licking your scabs with this candy. Its shaped like a Band-Aid, and really sticks to your arm. So get close and comfortable to the kid you want to gross out, peel back the Band-Aid and start licking your scab! And have fun watching their faces turn away in disgust. (Candy )



Cockroach BitesCandy #4: Cockroach Bites

Bugs are probably the last thing on this entire earth that you want your kids picking up and eating. The Cockroach Bites look just like real cockroaches, so this candy can truly creep you out. I found that the crunchy outer layer to this candy is the most disturbing, because it makes you feel like you're actually eating a big crunchy bug. How gross is that? The only thing missing is this little treat scuttling across flat surfaces and hiding in the dark corners of your home. Yuck! (Candy)



Dripping Boogers CandyDripping Boogers CandyCandy #3: Dripping Boogers Candy

Have you ever "stood on the side of bridge, leaned your head over, let a wad of drool slowly emerge from your mouth, and then suck it back up into your mouth" again? Well, with this candy, you just strap on the plastic nose and the liquid candy drips out of the nostrils onto your tongue. (Candy )





Ear Wax CandyEar Wax CandyCandy #2: Ear Wax Candy

Delicious candy fruity paste oozes from the ear holes of this disgusting dispenser.... just like real ear wax! It comes with a custom q-tip type stick to eat it with. Come on, go pick it out and put it in your mouth. (Candy)



Chocka Ca-Ca2Chocka Ca-Ca2Candy #1: Chocka Ca-Ca

This is by far is the most repulsive candy I have ever seen in my life; but it’s an ingenious product. Chocka Ca-Ca is a fudge candy that comes wrapped in a diaper, and is even shaped like liquid piled on top of liquid. It's like eating poo right out of a diaper. What kind of sick person would think of inventing this candy?  While eating this candy, you could keep reminding yourself that it is just fudge, but I would still find it difficult to get it down. Their website says: "Chocka Ca-Ca is a REAL baby diaper with a (big) piece of chocolate. Don't worry. Its just candy. (Candy)

That’s my article on weird candy! Hope you enjoyed it, and feel free to read some of the other articles written by me.

Matt Wood

Oct 29, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Lickety doo dah

Lickety doo dah

Oct 31, 2006
by haha~ (not verified)



Oct 31, 2006
by sherry (not verified)

Very very very very very

Very very very very very gross...
I would actually love to try some of it though :)

Nov 27, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

cool this is going in my

cool this is going in my recipe book

Nov 27, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

cool this is going in my

cool this is going in my recipe book

May 13, 2007
by Mandyleigh Storm (not verified)

Gross candy

Yummy. Especially the cockroaches and the nappy poo :)

My mum actually sucked the poo (well, what was left of it) from my babies clothes once.... we were on the way somewhere in the van, and didnt have any spare clothes for her.... so Mum used the wipes as best she could, and sucked out the rest of the stain. I`m gonna have to buy some of those nappy candies just for her :) Should also come in baby-poo yellow though.

Jun 23, 2007
by Haley + Michelle (not verified)

Disgusting Candy

This candy is really cool.  My brother has the lick your own wounds candy.  He loves it! (Then again, he is pretty stupid)  I am sooooo awesome! Cool  C U l8ter homescillibiscuits! Tongue out

                                            * Haley

Aug 25, 2007
by Michael (not verified)

Cool I'd eat them and I bet

Cool I'd eat them and I bet the grand kids would too. In Reno I had a tequila falvored sucker with a worm in it.

Aug 26, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

you're a retard.

you're a retard.

Sep 23, 2007
by Haley (not verified)


Ew but YUM

I really wouldn't want to eat this candy

actually I would

Nov 20, 2007
by brianna (not verified)

love your candy

love your candy

Nov 27, 2007
by brianna (not verified)

your candy is sooo cool why

your candy is sooo cool why don't you make dumpster candy

Sep 25, 2008
by Anonymous


the dipper is descusting are you seras that thay like it cuse i wold not eat it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dec 18, 2008
by Anonymous

ewwwwwwwwww cool

the caca candy is gwoss but lick your wonds candy looks nice and ewwwww cockaroch

Feb 23, 2009
by Anonymous

it really good