DNA Labs for Your Young Scientists: Toys or Tools?

Want to inspire someone to be a scientist?

Our Guest Blogger, Aikea, has a passion for the natural world. This lead him to the University of Hawaii at Hilo where he earned a degree in Marine Science. AiKea also values quality friendships and good conversations. He wanted to share his passion with readers of AmericanInventorSpot.com by writing about a powerful new learning tool for children.

Here's his article:

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As you stand staring blankly at the teenage version of yourself, you can't help but remember that glorious day he was born. Comfortingly, you stood by his mother's side waiting to lay eyes upon this beautiful creation for the first time. With tears in your eyes you couldn't wait to call him your own.

Today, with tears in your eyes for rather different reasons, caused by none other than the one standing before you. You reconsider the concept that he is, indeed, your own. Well, now you can put your sudden uncertainty to the test with the Discovery Kids DNA Explorer Kit.

DNA Mini-LabThe Discovery Kids DNA Explorer Kit wasn't actually designed to test the legitimacy of one's child, although it may be possible. Rather, one's child could set up his own laboratory right on the dinner table and begin exploring the contents of the fruit basket on a chromosomal level. Or, interestingly enough, he could use the kit to defend his position that he did not raid the cookie jar and he can prove it with the DNA extracted from the fingerprints he lifted off the jar. Whatever the case may be, anyone age 10 and older with $80 bucks could have a blast with this introductory DNA mini-lab.

On a more serious note, this "toy" is actually a very powerful tool. Consider the fact that we live in an ever-changing world where there is mounting pressure on the younger generations to deal with the problems their parents have created. In the global knowledge race, the societies that can rise to the challenge of uncertain times will have the upper-hand. By applying innovative cutting-edge science and providing these resources (toys) to younger and younger people it may be possible to make up some lost time heading into the future . In some instances we may be pushing our children too fast, however. But products like the Discovery Kids DNA Explorer Kit will prove to be invaluable in preparing our children for their future - they just don't know it yet.

Keep in mind that the kit was designed to give children a "taste" of the exciting use of cutting-edge science and there are some safety issues that could arise while using this product, mainly choking hazards. So, give your child a helping hand (that is if you didn't buy it for yourself) to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

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