The Perfect Setting for Your Dog

I know that, at the end of a long day, I really enjoy settling in at home to relish the environment my husband, my children and I have carefully crafted. We have worked hard to make our house a home by slowly but surely contributing the creature comforts we savor on a daily basis. For us, that means a user-friendly backyard for barbequing, a high quality entertainment system for the occasional movie and a kitchen fully loaded to prepare only the finest meals.

Home life may be perfect for us, but what about our other family members: the pets?! They, too, should reap the rewards of our lives well spent. So here are a few products we are considering to help create the perfect home setting for our favorite canine companions.

Jentle Pet Spa

Whirlpools have been known to treat humans' aches and pains for years, so the crafty creators at MTI Whirlpools have extended that notion to the pet market. They introduced their Jentle Pet Spa just this year to accomodate even the most discerning dog. These specialized jacuzzis come with a hand-held shower sprayer and a self-cleaning system to take care of the hairy mess that results when you add one fuzzy dog to a big tub of swirling water! The jet action in these dog geared tubs will soothe away the aches and pains from those jaunts after squirrels and the rings run around the yard. For the older dog, a whirlpool is especially helpful in working out the pain associated with arthritis and other afflictions of the elderly pet. (See Jentle Spa here.)

Dogloo Dog House

My family and I have yet to aquire a summer home, but we certainly aspire to own one. Lucky for your dog, she can now have her very own home away from your home nestled snuggly in your back yard. The Dogloo KD Pro Dog House is easily assembled in mere minutes thanks to the smart engineering of the folks down at Dogloo. For easy cleaning, just take a hose and spray away any muck brought in after your dog's joyous rolls in the dirt and grass. For your dog's summer retreats, there's even a built-in system to keep the home's interior cool as a cucumber in the hot summer months. Serving up some mid-day snacks is a snap. Just pop some dog vittles into the detachable bowl that hangs higher than your average bowl which is usually stored on the ground-- your dog won't have to hunch over the floor to chow down on his meal! (See Dogloo here.)

Doggie Furniture

It sure is nice to get away, but returning to your main dwelling (even if your getaway is just in the backyard) can be twice as nice when you haven’t been around to enjoy it. I know that when I get home from a vacation, I zero in on my special little area with the comfy chair, multiple throw pillows and the perfect reading light.I love my perfect little chair, so why wouldn’t my pet desire her own perfect and private piece of furniture?But surely a bark-a-lounger is just a ridiculous idea even for the most pampered pooch! What if the pieces were fully functioning zones in which to tuck your dog into at night? Wouldn’t you prefer a charismatic dog berth like a canopied trundle, a warm and fuzzy loveseat, a relaxing chaise lounge or a scrumptious sofa over those tired, old, flat pet beds that just any dog has?These items will blend into your décor lovingly and provide a fashionable and snuggly resting place that any dog would clamor to cozy up to. (See pet furniture here.)

Lexi Schuh
Featured Blogger

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