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Oui oui, Monsieur. But just not all over the rugs, please!

The pathways of Paris have got nothing on these furry fashionista finds.

Couture CatCouture Cat

I can certainly recognize the ridiculousness and even possible annoyance--- for both pet and passerby-in dressing up one's fuzzy friend in the cute little garments and accessories favored by the likes of Paris Hilton and other seemingly demented and/or self-obsessed celebrities.

Perhaps this trend is seen as a frivolous waste of money or a form of torture focused on one's supposed best friend. But, hey, we're Americans. Spending money on frivolity has now evolved into our genes. If not spent on the pet pampering pastime, the money would have been tossed at something else equally frivolous.

As far as this being a form of torture, many participants claim that their pets absolutely love it. I can't vouch for the collective of finely garmented pets, but I would bet my Buffy's mini-Manolos that she at least doesn't mind it. And I swear I've caught her admiring her reflection as we pass a windowed building.

Harness DressHarness Dress

Although the trend for dogs to don dresses has been around for awhile, the newest thing in doggie drapery is the harness dress. Available in a variety of palate-pleasing patterns like plaid, camo and houndstooth , these handy (literally--- they have handles) little numbers serve a dual function: cute as the dickens with an adorable little ruffleon the rump and helpful in keeping Fifi contained on her more rambunctious days.

Some other possibilities for your buddy's wardrobe are the newest theme outfits. Going yachting? There's an outfit for that. Need a tuxedo or fancy-scmancy dress for that special event? There are those, too! Of course, Halloween pet costumes have been around for a long time. But maybe for that one day of the year your pet can just hang out at home in sweats. Sometimes we all need a break from this material world.

Another way to fab up your pet is with some sparkling bling. There is a wide variety of jewelryavailable for the pampered pet. There's the Fuzzeface diamond dog bone charm for her collar ringing up at a whopping $1200! There are plenty of other cool, more reasonably priced items around like a wide-ranging selection of feather boas for cats and Doggles dog goggles, so don't start cashing in your 401K just yet.


Want some more collar options sans bling? You can have the recognizable patterns of brands like Burberry, Coach and Fendi. Dogs don't have the opposing thumb action required for bag-toting, but don't they deserve some status wear, too? Fake Gucci it might be, but no one needs to know. Sure, this might be akin to the street corner famous maker purse knock-off scams, but these famous brands just aren't making dog collars, darn it. So what's a designer dog to do?

Lexi Schuh
Guest Blogger

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