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king tutking tutAll little girls (at least the ones I know) love playing dress up. There are tons of costumes for them especially princess costumes. There aren't as many for boys ... at least I hadn't found them.

One day, we (me and my two boys) went to a birthday party that was at a children's store. At the party, they had tons of dress up hats for kids. The good news was they actually had hats for boys (other than the typical fireman's hat). My little guy put on a king tut hat. You can see the hat in the picture but my kid looked a lot cuter (of course). He was two at the time. He had the cutest chubby cheeks. So just imagine his chubby little cheeks sticking out the king tut hat. Still cracks me up thinking of it. I was lucky enough to get a picture of him in it for prosperity.

AstronautAstronautAnyway, the store in mind had sold out of the king tut hat by the time Halloween rolled around and I always regretted not buying that hat. Wait ... what was my point? Elope Inc. makes a lot of hats that little boys can wear. You know what I mean. The kind that dad would be proud to see his little boy wearing.

The quality of these hats are great. I ended up buying two pirate hats made by Elope Inc. for Halloween.

Elope Inc. also makes a ton of fantastic hats for girls too. I just focused on the boys hat because it was so rare for me to see hats for boys other than the typical fireman, police officer, and doctor stuff.



Jun 21, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

The Boy in the King Tut Hat

He sure as heck does NOT look like he is enjoying himself. Looking at his face, I'd guess that he is very jealous that his little sister got to wear the Queen's Crown, diamond-studded gown, and high heels.

Perhaps if you'd turn the King Tut hat into a King Strut Belt, boys as well as men would enjoy having the erect snake head at the front of their pants.

The Astronaut hat is out of sight...but not far enough.