Dripping in Trash

If you like jewelry, art, and recycling then, you should take a look at the treasures listed here. Very creative people have come up with very innovative ways to turn discarded items into decorative jewelry. Are they alluring? It depends on your point of view, but if nothing else, at least they are environmentally friendly.


1. "Shattered Dreams" Loser Lottery Ticket Neckpiece

"Shattered Dreams" Loser Lottery Ticket Neckpiece"Shattered Dreams" Loser Lottery Ticket Neckpiece Do you dream of winning big at the lottery, but have nothing to show for it, but a bunch of losing lottery tickets. If so, today is your lucky day. You can now display your bad luck around your neck like a scarlet letter with a neckpiece titled, “Shattered Dreams”. Although some of you probably have enough to display the entire alphabet all around your body (dad). If you don’t play the lottery and you just want a reminder of why not to play or if all you care about is the distinctive jewelry that comes from recycling, then don’t pass up a look at this neckpiece. An artistic woman by the name of Holly Anne Mitchell came up with an almost $900 idea, when she took it upon herself to collect discarded lottery tickets and stitched them together into this special treasure. Right now there are only two styles to choose from: Florida and California. The Florida style uses Florida losing lottery tickets and comes stitched with brass bead trim. The California style use California losing lottery tickets and comes stitched with matte-finish sterling silver beads and a magnetic closure. The price tag is definitely something to talk about considering that the tickets are all losing tickets. What do you think? See Green Product


2. Motherboard Cuff Links

Motherboard Cuff LinksMotherboard Cuff LinksHere is an accessory that shines innovative technology on a man’s dress shirt. A nice green pair of cuff links set in sterling silver and made of motherboard parts can be worn by any sophisticated computer geek, his friends and family. What a great way to say I love technology, style, and mother earth all at the same time. If cuff links aren’t your thing try the Circuit Board Money Clip and keep the green growing. See Green Product




3. Bottlecap Loteria Bracelet

Bottlecap Loteria BraceletBottlecap Loteria BraceletMaybe you don’t like playing the lottery, but instead like the topic of folk art and the Loteria? If you don’t know what Loteria is, it is a game similar to the popular Bingo game, except instead of numbers, the game players have to find pictures such as: the sun, the moon, the devil, the barrel, the crown, the skeleton, the rose and so on. For the dealer there is a deck of cards in his hands he uses to call out the pictures. Similar to the game Bingo, small items must be used to cover up the pictures that have been called. In many cases bottlecaps are convenient to use, considering that there are usually people drinking while the game is being played, but beans, pebbles and other small items can be used too. In memory of the game perhaps, someone has combined the game Loteria and bottlecaps in a whole new way, no longer as game, but as a tasteful bright red Bottlecap Loteria Bracelet. See Green Product



4 . Payphone Bracelets

Payphone BraceletsPayphone BraceletsIs it wrong to point out that we live in a society where almost everywhere everyone has a cell phone glued to their ear, including you (and me). Cell phones are an important luxury in our current lifestyle. Without cell phone we would have to go back to the days when we had to share germs on payphones and were always 5 cents short of an emergency phone call. Some payphones would be out of order, others would have people waiting in line, and the worst ones would be in booths in corners of strange alleys where drunken men like to flash themselves for kicks. With cell phones, the only germs we have to worry about are our own, and if we need extra time to talk we can go over our minutes andjust pay it later when we have money. Which means somewhere in between then and now payphones have been removed and very likely thrown away, but don’t worry they didn’t all go to landfills, at least not all of them. Those cold silver square push buttons can now be found around peoples wrists in the form of jewelry, like the Payphone Bracelets designed by Niffer Desmond. They are dainty and can be worn with just about anything casual. Just think, if these were ever custom made for young children, children would never forget how to call home. If you are interested in the Payphone Bracelet, an online store is coming soon. In the meantime turn to their website for the 19moons products nearest you. See Green Products


5. Silver Beer Can Rings

Beer Can RingsBeer Can RingsLast on the list could be a neat gift idea for the social alcoholic in your life? Are you a beer enthusiast who likes jewelry? Or are you someone tired of seeing the littered beer cans all over your neighborhood? Believe it or not someone by the name of Dana Roth has come up with a product that will make everyone happy. Discarded beer cans (and soda cans) can now be turned into colorful sterling silver and aluminum can rings. The aluminum is secured by sterling rivets and protected with ledges. The rings come in whole sizes 5-13. What else does Dan Roth of in store? Other beer can jewelry like: the Unisex Beer Can Cuff Bracelet and the Women's Beer Can Cuff Bracelet are accessible. See Green Product

You may have noticed that it doesn’t take a lot of trash to make these small treasures of jewelry. Because of this, it may seem that their environmental impact is insignificant, but any impact is a good impact. How? Eco friendly jewelry allows us one more possible way to recycle and reduce waste over and over again. So take pleasure in accessorizing with your new green products and feel free to come up with your own recycling ideas and then take time to share it with the world.



Gloria Campos-Hensley



Oct 26, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

interesting post

all the items seems very unique and interesting. Especially the motherboard cufflinks. This really shows alot of things can be re-use to give it a new life.