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I’m sure your wondering about the logo above. Well, I created it in less than 20 minutes using one of the latest software’s out there on the market that you can utilize to earn income. This is an application I personally use on a regular basis. It is the Mega Pack Logo Creator 5 by Laughingbird Software.

The Logo Creators’ primary function is well………the creation of logos. By using their pre-built templates, logo's can be created by any novice user. What I have discovered is that it can be used for any type of graphics project that comes up. Whether it is logo creations, web designs, greeting cards, stationary print, or anything design related.

I will show you a few tricks and give you tips on how to create a nice design without the need for a Master’s Degree. This program is perfect for freelance designers to use alongside their other graphic programs such as Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro. Just think of it as an unofficial plug-in.

The Mega Pak comes with 380 pre-built logos that can easily be configured to include your own text and images within a matter of minutes. If you wanted to simply replace their template text with your own, you could stop there. However, the Logo Creator offers many other features.


One of the things I personally find difficult to do in Photoshop is getting the text to “bow” in a proper way. It always looks off centered and I usually give up in disgust. Laughing Bird has created a way to make this very simple by dragging the wheel to the desired angle while displaying the movement of the text at the same time. You can now create circular text just as the professional do within seconds. If you wanted to create several images at different angles and save them, you could use your favorite animation program to make your text rotate around an image. You could even create a flash animation intro for a website by exporting images and importing them into Macromedia Flash. Several different fonts are included in the Logo Creator but you can also use your system fonts as well. If you are a nerd like me, then you have thousands of fonts ready to be manipulated. Dingbats along with these applications functions are heaven sent. Text can be added, the size can be changed, the color can be changed, it can be rotated at any angle, you can circle it, flip it, the list goes on and on. This little gem has too many features to highlight them here and I probably haven’t even discovered them all yet!


There are many images already included, from people, cartoon characters, orbs shapes and more. You can import your own images, which is an important feature if you are creating something personalized. Just as with any element of your design, images can be resized by simply dragging the bar. A little to the left and your image is resized smaller in real time. A little to the right and it gets larger. You don't need to guess what size you want to resize your image to, then having to go back if it’s too big or small. This is another feature I find to be unique from other graphic programs.

If you have already created a custom graphic for your logo using another program, then simply import it in. One of the few drawbacks of this program is the inability to make imported images transparent. However, the images included in the set are transparent which is often needed while designing. When used with another program such as Photoshop, those types of minor issues can be avoided. Simply click on any image and you can change the color by using one of their eight palettes which also includes my favorite, the gradient.


Overall, I must say I am impressed with the Laughing Bird Mega Pak Logo Creator 5. I recommend this to any graphic designer who wants to find ways to improve upon their individual skills. Although it is not free, you can at least download their demo version and try it out. This program breeds entrepreneurs and their asking price could be recouped with just one logo sale.


380 Logos
800 Logo Elements
Corporate Set
Entertainment Set
Business Mascots
Real Estate Pak
Spiritual Collection
Sports Pak Travel and Leisure Pak

Available in Windows and Mac!

For more information or to download a free demo just visit: Please link us a design you have created in the comment section of this article for others to see.

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Aug 12, 2006
by Bill... aka wacki56 (not verified)

The LOGO Creator 5.0

...As a very satisfied LOGO Creator 5.0 user, I fully endorse this product. It far.....the very best LOGO creating program available for any price.

Aug 22, 2006
by Imani Peterson
Imani Peterson's picture

It was my pleasure Marc!

It was my pleasure Marc! This really is a wonderful program. I can't wait to see what you guys come up with next.