Laptops To Satisfy Your Ego

The laptop completely transformed the world of personal computers with its compact nature, mobility and ease of use. Ego aims to take the laptop to a new high with its range of luxurious laptops that add a twist to computer design. Ego laptops are being projected as the ultimate lifestyle accessory for cosmopolitan men and women.

Ego LaptopEgo LaptopBy now I would not blame you if you were to ask, what is the big deal with Ego laptops? You see Ego laptops come with changeable designer skins. So now you can match your laptop to your tie, or change its color to reflect your mood. Apart from this, Ego laptops are home to a host of innovative features and functions that just might justify its price tag. For example it has an integrated chrome handle which allows for easy lugging around. In addition Ego laptops come with titanium parts that make it a strong and durable machine. Technically Ego laptops feature a 12-inch WXGA display, AMD Turion 64 processor, ATI Radeon XPRESS 200 M graphics, 1GB of RAM, an 80GB hard drive, and integrated WiFi and Bluetooth. I would say there is nothing mind-blowing there.

But the skins are the company's USP and I browsed the site to have a look at them. The variety of patterns available includes a zebra printed one, a pink one, a red leather version, editions in dark tan and brown...

The handcrafted Ego Love Edition is available in red and pink leather. According to its makers ‘the pink version is for the woman that likes to let her heart speak out. A large red heart decorates the middle of the skin; the finishing touch being a red leather bow with a silver heart attached that upon demand could be completed with a personal inscription for your loved-one.

Ego Love EditionEgo Love EditionThe red edition is for the self-willed woman, although the heart-shaped embroidery on the front displays a warm message. Embroidery with the text "Love Edition" finishes it nicely.' And how much does it cost to let your heart speak out? Or show the world that you are a self-willed woman? Only € 4.950,00, or US$ 6,733.


Expressing your individuality is going to cost you.

Ego laptops are available through Barneys in the United States. It is still unclear if the diamond encrusted version that commands a six-figure amount is readily available, but one can definitely grab the entry level models both at the Barneys stores at New York, Chicago, Dallas and Beverly Hills as well as one the Barney's website, only for $5,000. So get ready to cough up the money if you want to own a truly designer laptop.

Aditi Simlai Tiwari
Lifestyle Writer
American Inventor Spot

Apr 23, 2007
by Body Beauty

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