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USB Flash Drives Shaped Like Hard Drives – Yes, Really

Hard drives may be slow and fairly unreliable compared to the newer flash memory, but there are people out there that adore them anyway – and you can bet that those people move small data from computer to computer using one of these shiny little things...

Tomko Transceiver for iPhone Offers Fun Functionality with Retro Style

Mercy sakes alive, looks like we got us a conv-ersation! Communicate the cooler way with the Tomko Transceiver for iPhone, Strapya World's clever update on old-school radio & CB transceivers. Plug one into your iPhone and blow away Bluetooth with a single click!

Western Digital My Book External Storage Systems – Now With Thunderbolt Ports!

Folks possessing newer Macs with Thunderbolt ports now have another option to make use of the high-speed interface – the My Book Thunderbolt Duo, a brand new dual-drive storage behemoth from WD.

Western Digital Announces Third-Gen S25 Hard Disks: 900GB at 10,000RPM!

Western Digital, clearly serious about the enterprise storage market, has announced a new batch of its S25 series of 2.5” hard drives, boasting capacities up to 900GB, amongst other improvements.

Baked Apple: China's iPhone Branded Gas Stoves

You'd be forgiven for thinking smartphones are kinda big in China but consider this: put your hand on an iPhone branded gas stove while it's cooking and we guarantee you it will really, really smart!

Fill Your Energy Up with the IV Drip Bag USB LED Light

Want to add some “House” to your home? The IV Drip Bag USB LED Light from JTT Online Shop plugs into your laptop, PC or a standard wall outlet, filling your personal space with soft, diffused light as you nurse that important report towards completion.

Rock Out With Your Thumb Out

Sure, playing the piano is a great skill and all, but carrying the instrument around whenever you want to practice can be a little tedious, especially with today's high-speed lifestyle. Fortunately, the finger piano makes practicing easy and fun.

Hitachi's Travelstar Z7K500: 500GB Of High-Performance, Slimline Storage For Notebooks

Hitachi has released a new family of products in its already broad lineup of notebook hard drives, boasting 500GB of capacity in a single-platter design, rotating at 7200 RPM.

Four Random Things Every Mobile User Should Know

The world is slowly shifting to mobile. People use mobile phones for more reasons than you think: to call their loved ones, to send text messages, to access social networking sites, and maybe read and reply to a few emails or so from work.

Darth Vader Alarm Clock Helps Prevent Snore Wars

With the Darth Vader Alarm Clock you'll never wake up on the wrong side of the bed again... you'll wake up on the Dark Side! This Official Japan Licensed Lucas Films product plays the main theme from Star Wars to help “force” you out of bed each morning.