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USB Big Mouse Makes Other Computer Mice Seem Inadequate

If you're unsatisfied with your mouse, supersize it! That's what the tech tyros at Brando Workshop have done, and the result is the USB Big Mouse, a glowing blue optical mouse that's bigger, bolder, and better than before... well, bigger at least.

Classy or Crass? China Cranks Out Steve Jobs Memorial iPhone and iPad Covers

Was it a crass way to commemorate a class act or a stroke of entrepreneurial genius anticipating huge public demand? Within mere hours of Apple founder and tech icon Steve Jobs passing away, memorial iPhone and iPad covers were flooding out of Chinese factories and onto retail store shelves.

The Amazon Kindle Fire & Apple iPad 2: A Brief Comparison

Amazon's Kindle Fire has been officially announced, and the company is currently taking pre-orders for the device. Should you purchase one over the formidable Apple iPad? I hope this comparison article will help you with your decision.

Double-Edged Frozen Food Knife Cuts Cold Turkey and More

The innovatively designed CHIC Frozen Food Knife from Japan makes short work of ice-cold meats, poultry, seafood, bread and more thanks to its wickedly sharp, double-sided molybdenum-steel blade.

Let Your iPhone Shine with The Swarovski Ball Earphone Jack Accessory

Bored with your plain-jane iPhone, smartphone, iPod or MP3 player? Check out the Swarovski Ball Earphone Jack Accessory. Plug in any one of the 15 different crystal colors and you'll be shouting “iBling, therefore iAm!”

Corsair Announces Hydro H40, H70 CORE Liquid CPU Coolers

Water cooling used to be a pretty dangerous addition to a PC. While it still is, alternative self-contained designs such as Corsair's Hydro Series bring much of the advantages of liquid cooling, while allowing easy installation and zero maintenance – and now, for an even lower price than before – with the new Hydro H40 and H70 CORE.

Text Neck: Another Health Hazard Caused By Mobile & Tablet Use

Remember when your mother warned you, 'Don't make a face like that or it will stay that way?" Well, text neck is the equivalent of making that face. Keep your head forward and your chin out repeatedly while you read text messages or tablet screens and they will stay that way.

Recolo Time Lapse Digital Recorder Camera Speeds Up Your Life

Lights, camera, inaction! If you're one of those people who enjoys watching the grass grow, you've got entirely too much time on your hands... or, you've got the Recolo Interval Recorder from Japan's Compact Impact.

USB to AC Wall Outlet Adapters Tap the Grid, Not Your Laptop

Eneplug USB-to-AC wall outlet adapters from Green House of Japan let any plug provide power to your electronic lifestyle devices. Anything from iPhones and iPods to MP3 players and even your USB Eyelash Curler can get hooked to the grid, so forget about flipping your laptop's lid!

The Aakash Tablet is The World's Cheapest – only $35!

A new tablet computer, assembled by a company in the UK, is being made available to folks in India, with a price tag of just US $35 for students, and $60 for the others.