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Intel offers Performance Upgrades for Low-End CPUs – Via Software

CPU giant Intel tried out a special “Upgrade Service” for one of its budget processors not too long ago, and evidently that attempt was successful. Intel is beginning to put out three new processors, all of which can get a boost in their specifications using some special software – but for a price.

New SATA Express & µSSD Interface Standards Pave Way for Faster and Smaller SSDs

Solid-state drive transfer rates continue to rise, and the need for smaller physical sizes to fit shrinking notebook profiles is also becoming important. Thankfully, the organization behind the well-known Serial ATA interface has two new connectivity standards to address both of these wants.

Ghost Of Guy Fawkes Evoked To Destroy Facebook?

While the blogoshere is cyberventilating once again about the imminent demise of Facebook (anybody remember the "We're Quitting Facebook Day" scheduled for May 31, 2010?), the ghost of Guy Fawkes has been evoked to stir the conspiracy pot. Five hundred years to the day, the Hacker activist group known as Anonymous is claiming they will coincide their destruction of Facebook with Fawkes attempt to blow up the House of Parliament on November 5, 1605.

7 Things Gamers Can't Live Without

Serious gamers are typically those that play more than two hours of games per day (14 hours or more per week), especially those that play competitively either online or professionally. For those of you that want more of an insight into the life of a gamer, or want to be a serious gamer, or simply want a look at some awesome electronic products, read on about the 7 Things Serious Gamers Can't Live Without.

Skinput Uses Your Skin as a User Interface

Skinput, a new technology under development, may soon allow people to dial their phones using a keypad projected onto their arms, or pause and control the volume of their music just by tapping their fingers.

Japanese Robot Surfs the Web, Pour Drinks, Asks Whereabouts of Sarah Connor

A new robot developed by researchers at the Tokyo Institute of Technology can learn on its own, browse the Internet, and even pour drinks. "Bartender, I'll have a double shot of 10W30, shaken not stirred!"

Foxconn to Phase Out Human Workers, Replace Them With Robots

Foxconn is everyone's favorite iPhone and iPad maker... unless you work there. Faced with a million-strong workforce clamoring for more pay and better working conditions, Foxconn has hit on an ideal solution: phase out whiny, fallible humans and “employ” silent, tireless, obedient robots instead.

Asus Prepares $199 Eee PC Netbook

Yet another netbook appears on the scene, adding to Taiwanese company Asus' already massive netbook portfolio, but things are a bit different this time around – this one only costs US $199.

Seagate Ships Pulsar XT.2 Enterprise Solid State Drives

Flash memory continues to improve in data capacity, reliability, performance and price. The most indicative product that shows the progress of this technology is the solid state drive, or SSD, a storage device meant to eventually replace hard drives in personal computers. Enter the new Pulsar XT.2 line of SSDs from Seagate.

Which Costs More - The Wine or The Corkscrew?

I'm no connoisseur, but I imagine most wine experts consume wine that costs more per bottle than the cost of the common corkscrew used to open that bottle. At my house the typical wine on the bill of fare retails for between $4 and $10. My fancy Rabbit corkscrew runs about five times more expensive than the wine. Now meet Sveid, who manufactures a $72,000 corkscrew that deftly handles wines from $3 to $160,000.