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2TB USB Flash Drives – Coming Soon?

Transcend and Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute are busy making a brand new USB flash drive with a thin, stylish design, a USB 3.0 interface, and a 2TB total capacity. Wait, what?

Thick Fake iPhone 4 is China's Coolest Smartphone Fan

If you thought iPhones and smartphones were getting thinner with every new release, think again: the White “iPhone 4″ Air Cooler from M.I.C Gadget bucks the trend by evoking the original thick brick cell phones. It's also very cool... for a non-phone iPhone 4 fan.

News 'Flash': Solid State-Only Storage Arrays from Pure Storage

A new company going by the name of Pure Storage is showing off a brand new storage array designed for the enterprise, with one big difference – this one ousts traditional hard drives for solid-state drives all the way.

Point of View offers GeForce GTX 550 Ti Videocard with 4GB Memory

Graphics card manufacturer Point of View must have gotten a good deal on memory chips, as they have started to offer up a card with a seemingly pointlessly-high amount of video RAM.

Call it Creepy: Human Hand iPhone 4 Case

The Hand iPhone 4 Case holds your smartphone while you hold the anatomically correct human hand affixed to its back. It's ideal for conducting long distance love affairs or creeping people out – actually, both.

MSI Launches X-Slim Series X460, X460DX Notebooks

MSI has added two new 14” notebooks into its series of thin-and-light laptops. The X-Slim X460 and X460DX notebooks boast updated Intel processors and discrete graphics inside a shell no thicker than an inch.

Elecom Introduces Bluetooth Folding Keyboard for iPhone, iPad and iTouch

Elecom's Bluetooth wireless folding keyboard for the iPhone, iPad and iTouch expands your mobile computing options while keeping components compact, lightweight and portable.

Make Your Smartphone an Art Phone with Famous Paintings iPhone 4 Covers

There's an art to protecting your expensive Apple iPhone 4, and you'd better believe Da Vinci, Picasso, Klimt, and Van Gogh would want to press one of these miniature masterpieces to their ear... oops, sorry Vincent.

China's First Flying Drone Has Got its Robotic Eye on You

Watch out for the F50, China's first flying robotic drone. Small as a pizza pan and equipped with an HD video camera, you can be sure it'll be watching you!

Elecom's Designer Wireless Computer Mice Sport USB Dongle Tails

A new series of computer mice from Elecom in association with Nendo feature a choice of 8 animal tails that – besides looking SO cute – act as USB wireless dongles.