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This  section of our site features all the articles  related to Electronics on InventorSpot.com.

Some of our most popular stories in Electronics include:

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3D Bio-printers To Reconstruct Body And Skin

3D printers have been used for a number of years in construction and food technologies but are now making the leap to the medical with the advent of technology that allows them to “print” new skin and cartilage.

Got Soaked? You Need AIR, The Universal Drying Machine

Russian industrial designer, Olga Kalugina, has a darned clever design for a portable multi-purpose dryer.  It's the kind of dryer you need when you've come into your home after being swept up and soaked by a storm.

Contour Action Cams Get Bluetoothed to Smartphones

Your action cam just got a much larger preview screen. With an upcoming smartphone app, Contour action cams will be able to use your phone as a screen so that you can preview your shot. 

Wheelsurf Large Wheel Vehicle Delivers As Advertised

It's huge. It's expensive. It's an entirely new type of unicycle.

Mobilegs: Superior Crutches For The 21st Century

What? Cool, ergonomic, sustainable, and comfortable? Could they be crutches?

Super Skin Stretches The Limits Of The Artificial

As created bio-technologies become more robust, researchers like Zhenan Bao are pushing the artificial envelope with what she hopes will become “super skin”.

Understanding the Buying Process at Major Retailers

If you’re new to the game of selling to major retailers, then you’re probably wondering how their buying processes work.   It’s a question that comes up all of the time in my workshops and classes.  And this important topic rarely gets discussed, so I thought I’d take a minute to review!

Cubelets Offer Cute And Computerized Fun For Kids

New from design company Modular Robotics are Cubelets – a toy that combines the function of robots and the simple fun of building blocks.

Mus3 Mouse Is Certainly Amusing

As our computer use continues to increase, its important that users have a viable and comfortable way to get around our desktops, and the Mus3 Mouse is poised and pointed to change that.