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Do You Bamboo?

Our Guest Blogger Tim Dunn lives near environmentally concious Seattle, Washington.

Tim has diverse interests, as can be gathered from his websites, dunnanddunnrealtors.com, seattlemetrorealestate.blogspot.com , freerelationshipadvice.blogspot.com and steelsilhouettes.com.

Here's the article Tim wrote on innovative ecologically friendly products for readers of AmericanInventorSpot.com:

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Do you want to help save mother earth?

If so, then make consider making "green" choices when you purchase products large or small. Here is a selection of products that use bamboo, from a computer mouse to a large screen television.

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How To Never Write Anything You'll Regret

So, have you ever been in a situation where you pounded out something hateful or embarrassing on your keyboard, pressed send and then immediately regretted it?

Me? I've done it so many times I can't even begin the remember them all.

Well, I found a solution to that problem that too many of us have...diarrhea of the hands. The solution is ingenious really.
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Sony v. Microsoft - The Clear Winner in Gaming Is...

Our Guest Blogger Matt Wood is a young writer from the great city of Seattle, Washington. He is a passionate gamer, who is almost always listening to music. His all-time favorite video games include SimCity 4, Halo 2, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, and the classic game Frogger.

Here is his article for readers of AmericanInventorSpot.com.

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Stepping up to the plate to face 90 mph fastballs, sprinting full on into an action packed battlefield amid a storm of bullets and explosions, and driving at high speed around tight corners and being involved in high speed, explosive wrecks, will become bigger and better than you ever thought imaginable come this winter.

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Gadget Do's and Gadget Don'ts

Our new Guest Blogger Jule Goag is a shopholic on the lookout for the next deal too good to be true. She lives in Seattle and wrote this article for readers of AmericanInventorSpot.com :

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These days, consumers are inundated with the sheer number of gadgets that are present in the market. How do you know when a gadget is really a good buy? Some items are truly great finds, whereas you wonder what the makers were thinking with other items. Here are some of the most recent gadget do's I would invest in, and the gadget don'ts (are you kidding me?).
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Survive on Dirty Water? - New Technology Makes It Possible

Here's another article from our Guest Bloger Sharon Bender for AmericanInventorSpot.com. Sharon holds numerous scholarly degrees, has served as an educator and is a freelance writer. She loves investigating the latest survival gadgets and technology. Here is the latest:

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Nearly anywhere you go in the world today you will find undrinkable water. Even at the local restaurant things can be a little daring. The glass of something that resembles water sitting on the table in front of you causes speculation as you stare at it for a few awkward moments. You wonder how it will taste. You try to see through the glass to determine what's floating in there. Is it just a bubble or something else?

There is a new product in the protoype phase that is an exciting innovation. Once it becomes available, it will be a modern day necessity. Here are three great reasons:

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Like Music While You Run? - Nike + iPod Sports Kit

Here is another innovation find for AmericanInventorSpot.com from our guest blogger Imani Peterson. Imani is the webmaster of several sites and believes the internet is to be molded at will. He is also a graphic designer and a music producer who is currently working with an artist for a future release.

Here's his article:

* * * * *
Apple Computer and Nike have teamed up to bring consumers the Nike+ Ipod Sports Kit.

The Nike+Ipod Sports Kit creates an interactive run giving joggers specific information including the amount of calories burned, distanced they've traveled and even the ability to transfer the information to their Ipods in real time. Let's not forget the most obvious here, it plays songs too.
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Let There Be Shake! - Shake Flashlight

It is a common misconception that the truly innovative or ingenious products often have high prictags associated with them. Our guest blogger Imani Peterson shares with our reader one ingenious product that everyone can afford.

Imani is the webmaster of several sites and believes the internet is to be molded at will. He is also a graphic designer and a music producer who is currently working with an artist for a future release.

Here's his article:

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Have you ever been at home during a bad storm when all of a sudden the power has gone out? Your first instinct is to find a flashlight as quickly as possible because after all we humans need our light. We don't have nocturnal eyes like cats or owls that allow us to see in the dark. Light soothes us and keeps our bodies tranquil. There is no substitute for it and we value it tremendously. read more »

Discover the Magic of MUD

We have a new Guest Blogger who has graciously agreed to share his passion with computer gaming with us. Andrew Kineiski is an avid computer user and programmer from New Jersey. In his free time, he enjoys music, writing and he plays several instruments. With so much on his plate, he still finds time to work as a part time contractor for a home remodeling company!

With his boundless energy, he has written this article for AmericanInventorSpot.com:

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A man stands amidst a lush field of grass, poised for combat. His shining steel armor glistens in the twilight. The air on his neck stands at end, sweat dripping from his brow. Then in a sudden burst of speed and strength he swings his mighty sword in the direction of his target, a dark assassin sent for the bounty on his head.

An entire community still exists today. A community that lives two lives. One life, in the hustle and bustle of the everyday world, and another in a fantasy land of knights and magic. If you are not already familiar with it, let me introduce to you the world of Multi User Dungeons, where your dreams come reality.

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Fire in a Pinch . . . or a Strike

From time to time, we ask writers with interesting perspectives to write for us as a Guest Blogger for AmericanInventorSpot.com. Sharon Bender holds numerous scholarly degrees, has served as an educator and freelance writer, and she loves investigating the latest survival gadgets and technology. We asked if she would share some of her finds with our readers and she graciously agreed. Here's her article on one clever survival gadget:

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MagFireMagFireWho hasn’t thought about the need to start a fire in a pinch? It is one of the basic necessities for survival and for life in general.

It seems every film you see in which the plot is about someone being lost or marooned somewhere, the unfortunate soul is trying to start a fire with wet matches or worse . . . no matches at all! Sticks lying nearby are not a guaranteed fire starter. It takes know how to make fire out of twigs.

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11 Foolish Ways We Spoil Our Kids

I was sitting at a restaurant the other day, watching a mom and a dad arguing with their little girl about whether the dad should take a new job. ... It's clear that the parents had lost control of their obnoxious daughter, but I also thought it clear that they had also lost control of their senses.

This incident got me wondering about whether we have gone too far in spoiling our children. We let them make decisions they should not make, do things they should not be doing and buy junk they should not have. I think some of us may spoil our children too much, and in that way fail our kids as parents.

I think the way we have come to overly spoil our kids is obvious in the stuff that we buy for them. With that idea as my inspiration this week, here are my 11 finds for the foolish ways we spoil our kids... read more »