Elephant Poo Makes Good Green Gift

Do you know what your paper is made of or where it came from? Would you be surprised if I told you that there is paper made of elephant poo?

An elephant can produce about 1 ton of droppings per week and a smart company is taking advantage of this excessive amount of elephant dung.

The Exotic Paper Company Ltd., at a mill north of London, decided elephant dung would be a great source for paper products and they are using it, without killing any thing. Well... they aren't killing anything else, except for the bugs and bacteria in the dung.

How do they do it? They collect, wash and strain the dung for its fibrous matter. Then it is boiled with other natural ingredients. Once it is cleaned, it is then dried and made into pulp. The sheets that result from this process are brown and they are combined with 100 % recycled paper to soften their color to a pretty cream.

So pick from an assortment of Ellie Poo Christmas cards, notebooks, sketchpads and even stationary sets. Trust me; there is no better way to celebrate the holidays than with a load of crap and the neat gifts it makes. Put it all in a basket, with an Ellie Poo mug (not made of dung) and you have yourself a great eco friendly present to give to your friends and family. It's sure to be a memorable gift and you won't feel offended when they say you gave them crap.

If the idea of poo makes you turn away in disgust, keep in mind that elephants are herbivorous animals. So, think of it more as paper made of recycled plants instead of what comes out of the end of an elephant.

If Ellie Poo paper still isn't your thing, try the banana paper. It takes about 6000 bananas to make a ton of this paper. There is also coffee paper, grass paper, straw paper and more, to choose from. See Green Product

Quick Historical Facts

The Exotic Paper Company Ltd., mill has been in existence since 1219 and has alternated between producing flour and paper since then. In 1803, the world's first successful continuous papermaking machine, the Fourdrinier, was installed at the mill and is still there and being used today.


Gloria Campos-Hensley
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Nov 18, 2006
by Amused and Bemused

Hey, you stole my idea for

Hey, you stole my idea for my next wacky products article!! LOL

Well, actually, mine was on sheep poop paper...so I guess its way different.

Plus, you write better than me.


Nov 20, 2006
by Gloria Campos
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I dont know about that. Your

I dont know about that. Your articles have prompted many of my laugh workouts.
Gloria Campos-Hensley

Sep 10, 2008
by elegantiz

Who stole whose?


Hi y'all,

 hahahaa.... seems this Dung Industry never ends, well part of us already doing some research on our part, well bro never felt anyone stole your idea coz everyone in their heads are full of brilliant ideas... it just a matter of time when anyone move a step further than us and we as claimed having the same idea take that as stealing.... i ever felt the same though... but try to think big... and you'll find a way...

Meanwhile i'd like to introduce our invention in cow dung that shapes for earthenwares.... we already got several salutations and awards from environmentalists and government (Indonesia) check my writing on  "elegantiz: earthenware from cow dung or contact us at elegantiz@yahoo.com

thanks folks,