Eli's Self Binding Paper

This new revolutionary product will make the stapler obsolete. Imagine this, have you ever had a report that was too thick for your average stapler and your next step was a larger industrial size stapler that required a larger piece of equipment? Have you been a college student working on a last minute term paper? Do you have children that have projects to turn in for school? What about this, you’re a home office consultant looking for new ways to package and present a quote or summary. You’re an attorney or legal secretary needing to bind contracts or other legal paperwork. Or have you been a trainer, salesperson, or presenter with a new ideal but no binding equipment available to package your papers or presentations? With the new Eli’s Paper® products you can do all of the above and more. Our revolutionary products allow you to stack your papers nicely, pull a thin strip and viola your papers are bound together with more ease than you ever thought imaginable. With our new system you don’t have to worry about getting new equipment. Our paper products can be used with the present printing, copy or fax equipment. Think of all the projects you can complete with this new line of stationary: reports, contracts, term papers, presentation hand outs, books or manuals…the list goes on.
Patent Status: Patent Pending
Patent Number: US 7,037,564 b1

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Sep 12, 2006
by Rachael (not verified)

Great paper

I like you paper would love to try it