EMS Muscle Mouse Combines Mouse with Massager

The EMS Muscle Mouse from Thanko cleverly combines the practical utility of an optical mouse with a fully functional EMS muscle stimulation system powered through your computer's USB port. It's the perfect solution for comp potatoes reluctant to leave their keyboards for some healthy R&R. So, why wouldn't you just turn off the comp and do a few reps & squats in the weight room? The same reason why compulsive gamblers wear adult diapers: because they can. Now you can too (exercise, not wear diapers - not that there's anything wrong with that), thanks to Thanko's ingenious EMS Muscle Mouse!

Yes indeed, flex your muscles as well as your fingers. The EMS Muscle Mouse may look superficially like an 800dpi mouse and it even displays an attractive blue LED glow beneath the scroll wheel, but a closer look reveals some very unusual differences. First off, a special port located in the middle of the mouse's USB cable allows you to connect another cable that ends in a pair of EMS pads. Just tape the pads to wherever area you'd like to tone, and then work the Power, Mode and Stimulation Level buttons on the top & side surfaces of the mouse. As you go about your usual work or play, enjoy the feeling of 3 varied muscle stimulation modes simultaneously relaxing and refreshing your muscles.

The EMS Muscle Mouse incorporates a built-in auto-power-off feature that automatically shuts off the juice if you happen to leave your computer without clicking the off button - perhaps users end up so relaxed they tend to forget about "off" switches. But I digress - for those who spend the better part of each working day in front of their screens and worry about slowly devolving into a mound of nattily-dressed protoplasm, the EMS Muscle Mouse might be just the thing!

The EMS Muscle Mouse from Thanko is available from Rare Mono Shop and comes with 2 sets of Pads, a Pad Case and Pad Cable. Pricing is $49.83 plus shipping from Japan via EMS International Speed Mailing Service. Shipping charges vary depending on the destination nation. Destination nation?

Steve Levenstein
Japanese Innovations Writer

May 29, 2007
by Grand River Massage Therapy (not verified)

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May 29, 2007
by Steve Levenstein
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Dunnville's a peaceful,

Dunnville's a peaceful, beautiful place that is well worth a visit, especially this time of year. My guess is that the clinic is the icing on the cake :o)