Calling all Inventors: Everyday Edisons is Looking for Inventors for its Show

Everyday EdisonsEveryday EdisonsEverday Edisons is an inventors' show that aired on PBS. The second season will air this September. The website says that "this is a unique lifetime opportunity for the world to see your idea taken through a comprehensive, market-proven product reality process — following it from prototype design to branding and packaging to the store shelves… And it will all play out on a televised reality show."

Only 12 to 14 inventors will be picked to appear on Everyday Edisons.

In Season one, Everyday Edisons visited Charlotte, Atlanta, Columbia, Nashville and Tampa.

This year, Season two, Everyday Edisons will visit: Indianapolis, Houston, Seattle, Boston and Phoenix. So far, Everyday Edisons has only announced that they will be in Indianapolis on July 15, 2006 - next Saturday (sorry about the late notice). Keep your ears open for the dates in the other cities.

So on July 15, 2006, Everyday Edisons will be in Indianapolis at WFYI Studios from 7AM to 3PM (be there before 1PM and their website says they will make sure you are auditioned). Make sure to bring the Participant Agreement and Release Forms to the casting call. You can get the Participant Agreement and Release Forms on the Bouncing Brains website.

As always, please make sure you read the Participant Agreement and Release Forms very carefully. In the FAQs section of their website, it says "When a participant presents his/her idea to the panel of judges, that participant has contractually agreed in the "Participant Agreement" to assign all rights and title to the idea to Bouncing Brain Productions (or a subsidiary thereof) if that participant's idea is selected for commercialization. In exchange, the show will cover all costs associated in the commercialization of the product and the participant will receive annuities for 20 years in accordance with the Assignment and Annuity Agreement. If the idea is not selected for the show, then all rights remain with you, the inventor." So if an inventor is chosen, the inventor loses the rights to his/her idea.

Good luck. If anyone applies, please come back and let us know how the auditions went. Thanks.


8/10/06 Update: Here are the Auditions dates:
Indianapolis: July 15, 2006 (ended)
Houston: August 19, 2006 (7 AM to 2 PM)
Seattle: Date TBA
Boston: October 21, 2006
Phoenix: Date TBA


9/06/06 Update: The website says that the last three cities for auditions are to be announced. So it looks like they will no longer be having auditions in Seattle, Boston or Phoenix. I'll let you know when I findbout more.


9/08/06 Update: They will be auditioning in Chicago, Il on October 28, 2006.


10/30/06 Update:  They will be auditioning in San Diego, CA on February 24, 2007.  They still have not announced the last location or date.






Jul 10, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

If you ask me,

that's a ALVA show!

Jul 17, 2006
by Hot Spot Mama

Houston's Auditions - August 19th

They've announced that they will be in Houston on August 19, 2006 7 AM to 2 PM at the Houston PBS Studio.


Aug 10, 2006
by Alexis

Additional Audition Dates Released

Check out the bottom of the article.

Jun 5, 2007
by Ronald Harris (not verified)

I have a good Question

would I need a patent  or a provisional pat. to qualify.

Sep 26, 2007
by Phil (not verified)

Casting event.

Must I wait for a casting event in order to get Everyday Edisons to evaluate my invention or can I bring it to your home base which I believe is in North Carolina?