Ewaste Makes N+ew Seat

Sometimes when in search for something, such as a book, what you find instead: your lucky pair of frog socks, 2 dollars worth of quarters and an unexpectedly good poem you wrote several years ago, makes your search all worth while. Whether you find what you were looking for in the first place or not it feels good to know that your search still lead you to something more exciting and possibly more valuable. A few days ago my day kind of went like that.

Reading from the AboutMyPlanet.com online green news, I came across a strange and funny picture of a person dressed in a Selk Bag. A Selk Bag is a wearable sleeping bag. The picture and my curiosity of course lead me to read the article. The article lead me to a link that lead me to a website of a Chilean graphic designer named Rodrigo Alonso Schramm, who not only designed the Selk Bag, but also created the awesome 4 legged tea cups, the elegant light bulb glasses, the interesting dirty jewelry and my favorite of all- the N+ew.

If you've read my Unusual Ways You Can Sit On Trash, then you know I love unique environmental seats. The N+ew (No More Electric Waste), is no exception. Made with electric waste (ex. old computer parts), epoxy resin and melted aluminum, each stool sculpture is handmade, unique, can be personalized and produced in limited editions or special ordered.

The thought behind N+ew, "isn't the creation of a recyclable object, but the way to immortalize and to give a last use to objects that their only destination is contamination," writes Mr. Alonso in a reply email to my inquiry about his environmental stool. See Green Seat Here

He believes that, "Today we waste a big quantity of electronic material: Computers, plastic cases, electronic cards, hard disks, speakers, kilometers of cables, etc, etc. Here in Latin America, the chance of recycling this ewaste is nearly impossible".

With the help from Recycla Chile S.A., the first company which recycles electronic waste in South America, and with the help of experienced technicians and professionals in metal smelting, counterfoil development and work with plastic resins, the N+ew is his way of making something like this possible. Perhaps it will inspire others to do the same. 

It has definitely inspired me. Ever since I saw the picture of the barefoot man sitting peacefully and pensively on the N+ew I've had this image of myself doing the same except I'd be sipping tea from the four legged tea cup while thinking of more ways to go green, maybe even write more poems. Laughing.

What a great place to meditate, don't you think?


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Mar 16, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)


That kind of looks like a combination that would surpass the piss sac and flatulence cushion--your own eeewww waste in a bag, but no one else can smell it.