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Financing Your Invention

Crowdfunding - Tips, Advice, Insights and How Tos

Financing and Loans for Your Invention Or New Product Idea

Government Resources for Financing Your Invention

Crowdsourcing and Invention Competitions

  • InventorSpot.com - post frequently on all the various invention and product competions and contests looking for new product ideas.

  • Quirky.com - Anyone can submit an idea, the Quirky commmunity helps develop the idea and winners are chosen every week to get their products developed.
    Making The Most of Quirky.com - Inventor Tips, Advice and Info

  • GeniusCrowds.com

    Genius Crowds allows anyone to submit an idea and the community to comment. Winners can potentially be made into future products. Winners are chosen by the Genius crowds team and royalties are shared with the inventor.


Crowdfunding -online source for microfinding for your invention idea

Other Resources

Angel Investor Resources