Finger Fun with Uberorbs : Product Review

The UberOrbs were an immediate interest when I discovered them because, being that I'm slightly obsessive compulsive, they offered solace from my never-ending habit of writing words with my fingers. I know, sounds weird; but sometimes I hear or read words and just have to either pen them down or write them, in cursive, with my finger. So, as you can imagine, having something to occupy my hands was a welcomed relief.

The UberOrbs are so named I imagined because they operate by way of a super magnet that binds them together with a very powerful bond. You can move the orbs around one another, sort of like those Chinese boading balls, except they stay connected to one another. The orbs also come with a mini-instruction book that offers some fun tricks you can do with them. My favorite part about them is the funny noise they make when you pull them apart and let the magnet pull them back together, or rotate them around one another. Also, they are great to just have in your hand when you're watching television or surfing the Internet.

My only issue with the UberOrbs is that the magnets might be a little too powerful. If it was a tad weaker the orbs would be a little more fluid in their movements and might make for a more zen-like experience. I found myself having to do a bit of work in order to get them going at first, and sometimes they become jerky. You're also not going to want to forget the fact that these are, in fact, super magnets, because they can seriously damage other electronic devices. I dropped the Uberorbs on my laptop and it sent my screen into a frenzy that was only correctable after I restarted. So be careful.

I've only had the UberOrbs for a few days now; perhaps the magnets just need some time to adjust and after some serious exercise they will weaken up a bit. Either way, you can still get lost with these things in your fingers for a few hours.

You can get the Uberorbs Scientific Online.

Update: I just found them on ThinkGeek, amusingly named Monkey Balls.  Much cheaper here at $4. 

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Seth Plattner
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May 18, 2007
by Anonymous Boogie Man (not verified)

What goes on/around the nose

is likely to also go IN the nose.  I'm sure that dude's UberOrbs has been in his nose by now--and it is not the magnets that is making it sticky.   Gross.