Fire in a Pinch . . . or a Strike

From time to time, we ask writers with interesting perspectives to write for us as a Guest Blogger for Sharon Bender holds numerous scholarly degrees, has served as an educator and freelance writer, and she loves investigating the latest survival gadgets and technology. We asked if she would share some of her finds with our readers and she graciously agreed. Here's her article on one clever survival gadget:

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MagFireMagFireWho hasn’t thought about the need to start a fire in a pinch? It is one of the basic necessities for survival and for life in general.

It seems every film you see in which the plot is about someone being lost or marooned somewhere, the unfortunate soul is trying to start a fire with wet matches or worse . . . no matches at all! Sticks lying nearby are not a guaranteed fire starter. It takes know how to make fire out of twigs.

Imagine your car battery has died or you’ve just run out of gas on a dark and sparsely traveled road. You have no means to get warm, or to create a means to draw attention. A fire would not only provide warmth and signal your distress, but it would ward off the local wildlife. You should probably stay inside your vehicle, but what if it’s below freezing? You might be better off outside next to a fire. But that’s a personal decision. If you do decide a fire would be handy, the MagFire Firestarter could be your only hope. Developed by survival experts, it is water and oil resistant and supposed to work in a storm or in below freezing temperatures.

The spark from a strike will provide a light to ignite a stove or start some embers burning. In an emergency a campfire can be a lifesaver. A fire in the dark or smoke by daylight can create a signal that you need rescuing. A fire can also help make water drinkable as well as cook your food. A set of old or damp matches will fail you. Butane lighters can run out of fuel. The MagFire is immune to such frailties.

A unique metal alloy that is used by the military is also used in the production of the MagFire, making it reliable in any sort of weather. It produces extremely hot sparks when struck with a sharp metal object, enough to set tinder on fire. The MagFire has been tested for its safe use.

Its features include:

- Produces a 3,000°C (5,500°F) hot spark
- MAGFIRE lasts for 3,000 strikes.
- Water and oil resistant
- Will not break in tough conditions
- Safe to use, won't burn or ignite itself
- Can be used as a signal for help
- Tolerates temperature fluctuation
- Made of 6 different metals, incl. magnesium

Jul 12, 2006
by Anonymous Pyro Maniac (not verified)

I heard.....

that she got fired on her first day!

Jul 22, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Or . . .

She's hot and all fired up!

We got one of these fire starters for the camper. We used it to start the grill instead of matches. It just makes you feel a lot safer having it.