A Flattering Accessory Display

Butterflies, all over the walls of your house...what a beautiful possibility, what a wonderful thought!

But butterflies, those ‘light as air', frisky, exotic, colorful creatures would probably never enter house, yours or mine. But it would be such a pleasure to have them around, to bring nature into ones home, the magic of creation, the beauty of the outdoors...

Vanessa Hannen, a design student at Creative Academy, Milan and is currently studying for her Master of Art in Design. She is "fascinated by the idea of giving an object its own identity, bringing it to life." This fascination took her into design, and it is a filed she enjoys, as she loves "to be under the spell of attractive colors, interesting structures, a variety of materials, and unusual combinations."

Vanessa has to her credit a few beautiful and functional creations.

"Flatter" is a swarm of silver butterflies that create a fairy tale atmosphere. "Flatter" is not a lamp. It reflects light from the environment to create an aura, like a lamp. There is no electricity involved, thus the intensity of reflection and shadows will differ from room to room. This will depend on the source and amount of light and the placement of "Flatter".

Now if that was not innovative enough, Vanessa was not thinking only of a wall display when she designed "Flatter."

Flatter has been designed to serve as a display for ladies' accessories like handbags and jewelry! Being a woman Vanessa identifies with every woman's need of owning beautiful accessories. But she thinks it's a crime to put them away in cupboards and jewelry boxes, or beds and in drawers.

So Flatter was created, a display that flatters all things beautiful owned by ladies and is also a decorative element in itself. Vanessa was inspired by butterflies because the image of the hanging bags reminded her of hanging cocoons. Flatter reflects light a colourful and playful way on a white surface and thus artfully displays accessories such as handbags and jewelleries.

Flatter is made of stainless steel and comes in two sizes. But it will be a while before it is available commercially. The projected cost for Flatter is about $1000 for the smaller size and close to $2000 for the larger one. (Via: MocoLoco )

Aditi Simlai Tiwari
Lifestyle Writer
American Inventor Spot

Mar 5, 2007
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