A Floating Picture In A Frame

After virtual frame, talking frame, digital frame etc technology has reinvented the whole concept by introducing a photo frame which is not a frame.The photo simply floats within the periphery of the frame.

Unbelievable yes, magic no!Magnetic Photo FrameMagnetic Photo Frame

This futuristic gadget is actually an electromagnetic photo frame which holds the photo in the air.

A built-in magnetic field sensor, located on the top, has a microprocessor calculating the distance between the floating pic and the frame. The magnetic field gets adjusted automatically as and when required by the microprocessor thus, ensuring that the picture continues to float in the air constantly.

The photo frame which measures 4.88 x 3.22 inches can hold two pictures in oval shapes. Since the pictures are floating, they keep changing angles so you can enjoy both pictures at the same time. The built-in LEDs add that magical effect to the magnetic photo frame.

The Magnetic Frame is priced around $ 61. Via gadget cool

Kavita Mathur
Gadgets Writer

May 7, 2007
by Gloria Campos
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My sister would love this.