Warning About Food Allergies Can Be Fun

Donna Rendell is the mother of a child with life-threatening food allergies. She lives in fear that her daughter, Stella, will come in contact foods given to her by well-meaning parents, relatives, or friends who may forget that her allergies are so severe, the wrong foods can kill her.

Donna's says her biggest concern is that as Stella gets older and inevitably spends more time away from home at sleepovers, parties, school camps, and day care. She realizes that she cannot always be there to protect her from harm.

Her idea was to create products to help communicate the allergy message. She envisioned simple, easy to use shirts and stickers to make everyone aware of the dangers of food and other allergies, complete with fun, colorful designs that would attract attention to the child.

Her product, Star Allergy Alerts, has become a hit and helpful for trying to alleviate some of the stress for parents.

Star Allergy Alerts products include colorful t-shirts that send the message colorfully and clearly that your child has an allergy. Badges and stickers are available too. The vinyl stickers are dishwasher and microwave safe, so they are super for lunch boxes and drink bottles. The allergy alert badges are the perfect size for t-shirts, jackets, caps and bags.

Not only are these products helpful for adults, but gives some responsibility to the child for what they eat.

Mia Levine
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Apr 3, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

I think this idea is so

I think this idea is so cool!  Great for first days in school for reminders for teachers!

Apr 3, 2007
by Michelle
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I agree. I think it's like

I agree. I think it's like the perfect thing for a kid to wear if they are going to be in a larger group where some kind stranger tries to feed them something they shouldn't have.

 Smart and cute.