For Reasons of Spirit

FeelFeelMr Amit Axelrod and Ms Sarit Attias from Israel are bringing about a revolution in furniture in their own distinct style.

The two designers have worked together to create the line Animi Causa which means ‘for reasons of spirit.' The innovative concepts of the duo can be seen on the company website.

Animi Causa furniture is for people who seek to redefine their style and add quality and character to their homes and work spaces. All the furniture is modern and multi-use, and the designers have used unconventional elements like flexible strings, environmental friendly foam and advanced metals to create a wide range of uniquely designed products. The products have been used by rehabilitation centers, design centers, private homes and to the credit of the creators have been displayed at the Los Angeles County Museum of Arts.

I found ‘Feel' to be an embodiment of the spirit of Animi Causa. It is a seating system that ‘reflects the ever changing emotional state of the body.' 'Feel' is made up of 120 soft foam balls and assembling the seating system should be a learning as well as a therapeutic experience. The uses of 'Feel' are as wide as ones imagination. It can be used as a bed, a lounger, chair, recliner, hide-away, burrow...whatever the mind desires. The upholstery is Particular Stretch Fabric while the connectors are plastic. Once assembled 'Feel' will measure 78.75 inches x 94.48 inches.

One can go back to childhood with 'Feel'. From creating it, to using it, imagine getting a chance to play with 120 balls! 'Feel' promises endless hours of relaxed comfort to soothe away life's cares and worries.

Animi Causa products can be ordered online through the company website at

Aditi Simlai Tiwari
Lifestyle Writer
American Inventor Spot