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Having been through potty training twice already, I came across the Potty Bench by Boon, Inc. with mild amusement. This potty bench looks hip with its cool colors and sleek design. Not only does it boast "two enclosed side storage spaces for organizing potty training supplies, and a pull-out drawer for easy sanitary clean-up," but it also has a "built-in toilet paper holder and a removable soft deflector shield." Close the lid and it becomes a stool that supports up to 300 pounds.

I've never been a proponent of little potties. Sure it may seem fun at first for a kid to have her own pint-sized throne, but isn't learning to then sit on the "real" potty just an unnecessary transition? Why make twice the work for yourself? I preferred to sit my kids right up on the pot with the help of a cushy seat that sits pertly on top.

Also, the clean-up of the potty chair sounds too gross. I have enough experience with my own kids' messes on the lid and seat to know that all the small crevices, the drawer, and the toilet paper holder of the Potty bench would get pretty yucky. No thanks.

Like, while we're in the bathroom dude, check out this awesome surfer step stool. It's the perfect stool for kids because it fits right around the potty. I hear they are super sturdy and I like how they are small and compact so they won't get in the way, especially in smaller bathrooms. They are made in California, of course, by High Head Creations. Your small surfer can now Hang Ten while brushing or Nose Ride while taking aim.

No one's leaving this bathroom until we wash hands, everyone, so check out Soap On A Roll that dispenses just like scotch tape. Hey, if you need a gimmick for the kids to wash up, this just may be what you need. Actually, I wouldn't mind trying it myself. Grown-ups can have fun too!

According to the product description, this soap does away with melting bars of soap and dripping liquid dispensers. Simply roll out a piece, tear it off, and wash under running water. The vegetable-base soap dissolves immediately and leaves your hands smelling like jasmine or the ocean. Not only does it smell great, it'll last a long time. Each dispenser holds 59 feet per roll!

Tell your kids that each strip is like their own new bar of soap. They'll be sudsing up in no time.

Mia Levine
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Mar 21, 2007
by Gloria Campos
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I agree with you about just using the regular toilet. I don't like cleaning them either. Who does? But my second kid was scared of the "big" toilet and wouldn't go at first so something like this would have come in really handy. I wish they made a even smaller version of this too so she would go in public. She is still terrified of the public ones. I guess it's because they sound so scary. This thing would help me so much in a situation like this. And the soap on a roll....nice!.

Mar 21, 2007
by Mia Levine

not for everyone

Yes, it's a good point that some kids are scared of the big potty.  One lesson I have learned as a parent:  Do what works.  What works for one, may not work for the other.  That's why there are so many options!

Oct 7, 2008
by Anonymous

boon potty bench

This was the 3rd potty we tried, and our son loves it. It's quite a hike up to the toilet when "I gotta go NOW". The side storage spaces are convenient for TP, hand cleanser, and wipes. The pull-out drawer is easy to empty and clean. We've never had a problem with leakage. And it travels well. Our kids use it with the lid closed as a sitting bench while reading books. They like the green colour. It is a tad expensive, but cheaper than diapers in the long run, and when you're desperate to motivate a stubborn boy...