10 Funniest Pillows

When I think of really fun pillows, I think of the ones that nature blessed women with. But for those folks who want a bit of variety in the soft places they want to rest their tired heads, I've put together a collection of 10 Fun Pillows to Suit Every Mood:

1. When You Feel Violent: Blood Puddle Pillow

(Fun Pillow)

2. When You Don't Feel Like Talking: Express Yourself Emoticon Pillow

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3. When You Need a Good Cry: Keep Your Tissues Handy Pillow

(Fun Pillow via Gadget Candy)

4. When You Want to Send Someone a Message: Butchered Horse Head Pillow

(Fun Pillow from 10 Ways to REALLY Piss Off Your Woman)

5. When You Need A Lap to Cry On: Girlfriend Lap Pillow

(Fun Pillow via Gizmag )

6. When You'd Rather Be Fishing: Fresh Caught Salmon Pillow

(Fun Pillow via Plastic Bamboo)

7. When You Need An Extra Set of Eyes: Staring Eyeball Pillow

(Fun Pillow )

May 23, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

where to buy?

Where can I buy that severed horse head one?

May 23, 2007
by Michelle
Michelle's picture

You can go to the fun

You can go to the fun pillows link to order it.


May 23, 2007
by southparkfan101 (not verified)


that male part pillow...not feeling inadequate at all... but loved the boobs pillows..could I get one of each color one boob one color and the other another color

Mar 11, 2008
by Body Beauty

I like all of them

Too funny

Mar 12, 2008
by Anonymous

I have to get these fun bags for my wife


May 12, 2008
by Anonymous


vereh funneh!