Gadget Do's and Gadget Don'ts

Our new Guest Blogger Jule Goag is a shopholic on the lookout for the next deal too good to be true. She lives in Seattle and wrote this article for readers of

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These days, consumers are inundated with the sheer number of gadgets that are present in the market. How do you know when a gadget is really a good buy? Some items are truly great finds, whereas you wonder what the makers were thinking with other items. Here are some of the most recent gadget do's I would invest in, and the gadget don'ts (are you kidding me?).

Gadget Do's: I would go buy one myself

NAND Flash Memory: Alright, this isn't really a gadget itself, but it will affect all the neat little gadgets out there. We're talking about our cell phones, mp3 players, digital cameras, even things like mini-notebooks. What is it? It's a 60 nanometer stick of memory that is 8 GB in storage capacity. Samsung has just started mass-producing these sticks of storage goodness. Still have no idea how small these are? These sticks will allow for the production of new iPod Nanos with capacities of 8-10 GB, compared to the current 2-4 GB storage options offered. (See it here.)

Microsoft's Zune Mp3 Player: This mp3 player is going to be the next big thing out there, and is being set up as the anti-iPod. What makes it special? It will be using a version of Windows Mobile, and is rumored to maybe come with WiFi. Also, it's even said that they're so sure any user will like the Zune that consumers will have the option to repurchase all their iTunes as Windows Media Files, with Microsoft footing the bill. If anything, I would go out and buy one just because of the death grip the iPod has on the market. (See it here.)

iTech Bluetooth Headset: It's a wireless headset that allows any user to control phone usage and mp3 playback via its headset-attached remote. Now you don't have to pull out the phone to play songs -- you can truly go wireless from the phone. It has an average battery life of 6 hours of talk time or 150 hours of standby time. (BUY IT HERE.)(See it here.)



Gadget Don'ts: Don't try these at home

Garmin Zumo: What is the Zumo, you ask? It is one of the newest GPS units that is being produced by Garmin, one of the biggest GPS manufacturers. I myself love GPS, I own Garmin's c330 model. It's great, it has a touch screen with very easy menus, and I couldn't live without it given how direction-challenged I am. However, I drive a car. The Zumo is Garmin's GPS unit for a motorcycle. Now, I'm not sure about you, but I know that I could not ride a motorcycle and tinker around with a GPS at the same time. This just smacks of a recipe for disaster to me. You're already exposed to a higher danger factor just from the fact that you're on a motorcycle and not in a car. Now they want to up the ante by providing you more toys to be distracted with while zooming along on a bike. Not my best choice for safety. (See it here .)

Swiss Beat MP3: At first hearing, this sounds sort of cool. It's a Swiss Army knife and mp3 player, all in one. However, what this is in reality is a match that should never have been made. I don't like knowing that my device has the capability of destroying some part of itself, like the scissors cutting off the jack cord. Also, just for practicality, what do you think is going to happen to this thing when you try to go through airport security? Security has confiscated a lot less dangerous items than a multi-purpose utility knife that unfortunately has your mp3 player attached to it. (See it here.)



Panasonic's 103" Plasma TV: Yes, you're reading it correctly - this TV is a whopping 103 inches. It's hardly a gadget, but at its size and price it is a monstrosity that just can't be ignored. You can snag one for $51,000 USD. Why would someone want one of these? You would do better with a digital projector that could cost as low as a tenth of this price. I can already see problems with moving it if you change houses. The 103" TV is not just over-sized and over-priced; it's a plain waste of materials. Plus, there are rumors that other brands will be producing a 104" TV in 2007. (See it here .)

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Jul 20, 2006
by gabriel (not verified)


Great article! I definitely want to get the zune mp3 player now. That was a fun blog to read.

I didn't even think people in seattle had an Internet connection.

Jul 21, 2006
by John Strickland (not verified)

The Tv should not be there.

Yes we all know that its a waste of money, but shut up. After every celeb in hollywood and every rich over buying jerk buys one, the price will start to fall, pushing smaller models like the 55 inch into reasonable affordable price points. This will allow every joe shmo to get one. I AM JOE SHMO!

It happens with all tech. Like I knew that as soon as some idiots starting buying thoose 500gb and 700gb seagate hard drives, 400gb drives would fall in price becuase they weren't the biggest anymore. Then everything else fell too.

Jul 21, 2006
by nick (not verified)


ever tried to naviagate on a motorbike? not easy gps would be great.

Jul 22, 2006
by Koowan (not verified)

Zune huh.

My prediction: Zune disappears in 9 months. Microsoft has a long history of huge flops in the hardware department -- even the XBox loses money. The iPod sells like crazy because of its simplicity, integration and hipness factor, three areas Microsoft has never been strong with. On top of that, the DRM in the Windows Media Files makes Apple's look tame.

Zune dead, 9 months (or less) -- bet on it.

Jul 25, 2006
by Matt Wood (not verified)


The XBox loses money, but so does every other console. Microsoft makes money off the XBox from making games, and from licensing out the right to make games for their system. So just looking at sales and profits/losses for the console itself doesn't mean much(look at the amazingly popular XBox Live, which they make an unlimited amount of money off of, but doesn't factor into console sales and profits?)


Jul 27, 2006
by freaksmeout (not verified)

MP3 on Windows Mobile?... don't make me laugh

I got myself the latest swankiest smart phone running Windows Mobile 5 - lasted less than 2 months with it then sold it back to the store and dusted off my old Nokia Communicator - WM5 was SLOW SLOW SLOW.... and what's the likelihood they'll put a decent processor in Zune..... Hmmmmm

Aug 1, 2006
by Matt (not verified)

@ freaksmeout

"and what's the likelihood they'll put a decent processor in Zune..."

I'd say about as likely as Sony putting a good processor in their Sony Playstation 3... Which is about as likely as the sun rising tomorrow.

N/T though.

Sep 24, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Hrm. Lives in Seattle and

Hrm. Lives in Seattle and supports the Microsoft product, even though she's never seen it, never used it and provided an unsubstantiated rumor as a key selling point.

Michelle, how many of your friends work in Redmond?

Sep 24, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)