Game of the Week: Dead Rising

Starting this week, I’m writing a weekly column called “Game of the Week,” a.k.a. GotW. The idea is to pick one game each week and talk a little bit about it. Normally, I would talk about the storyline, and then my impressions. This week, I choose a game that I already did a review on. So instead of talking about my impressions of this week’s game, I’m just linking you to my already written review. Over time, I’ll be covering PS2, XBox, XBox 360, PLAYSTATION 3, Wii, Gamecube, and PC games, and should be published every Wednesday. If you would like to see a specific game posted as the Game of the Week, feel free to comment here! Here’s my first GotW!

Game of the Week (10/15-10/21): Dead Rising (XBox 360)

After the release of the XBox 360 in November of 2005, it was common belief that the games released for the console were very similar to the previous generation games. The first widely accepted “next generation” game on the XBox 360 was Dead Rising.

Dead Rising was released on August 8th, 2006. The game was developed and published by Capcom . Dead Rising was possibly the first truly next generation game released on the XBox 360. The popularity of Dead Rising has lead Capcom to pursue other major projects for release on the XBox 360.

In Dead Rising, you play as the game’s main character, Frank West. Frank is a photojournalist who has covered various wars, but is drawn to Willamette, Colorado, because the city has been quarantined by the National Guard. Soon after arriving, Frank discovers that the city has been infested by zombies. Throughout the game, you control Frank in his attempt to discover what has happened to this small, remote city.

Frank Surrounded by ZombiesFrank Surrounded by ZombiesThe entire plot unfolds in 72 game hours (3 days), which is 6 hours of real life time. After completing the game, however, you can play an additional 24 game hours of missions and an infinite mode. During the infinite mode, you play as Frank, but your health slowly degenerates over time (instead of only when you get hurt). The point of infinite mode is to find food so that you can survive as long as you can. When you die, you can upload how long you lived to a worldwide leader board via XBox Live, and even see other people’s best scores.

Because I did a review of this game, I won’t waste your time by copying and pasting what I’ve already written. If you would like to know more about this game, you can find my review of this game, titled “Final Verdict: Dead Rising,” here.

Dead Rising is our Game of the Week! Stay tuned for next weeks GotW!

Matt Wood