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Valve Announces "Pipeline" Initiative To Help Young Game Developers

These days, it seems like everybody wants to get into game development. Trouble is...no one's quite sure how. Valve - one of the most popular developers in the industry - is looking to change that, with the release of Pipeline.

Exato Games Officially Announces Gunsmithing

A week after announcing voxel-based shooter Guncraft's new status as a Greenlit title on Steam, Exato Games has released a long-awaited feature: Gunsmithing. Players can now craft their own weapons, block by block, customizing virtually everything about them.

Guncraft Is Breaking The Mold For First-Person Shooters

Independent developer Exato Games has gone all out with Guncraft; a voxel-based shooter which allows for a level of deep customization rarely seen in the genre. It's one of the most enjoyable - and innovative - games I've played in a very long time.

Roblox Launches Dynamic Lighting On iOS

ROBLOX - the world's largest user-generated gaming site - is looking to expand beyond the PC. To that end, it recently launched its lighting and shadow engine, Dynamic Lighting, on iOS. I had the opportunity to sit down with ROBLOX's Arseny Kapoulkine and Simon Kozlov to discuss the details.  

“Play a Game” iPhone 5 Case Adds Analog Fun To Digital Communications

The “Play a Game Addiction iPhone 5 Case” from Elecom brings back your favorite analog games, shrinks 'em down, and slaps 'em on the back of your shiny new iPhone 5. Not only does the colorful polycarbonate case protect your high-tech lifeline, it allows you to keep on gaming even after your phone battery runs out of juice.

‘Gundog’ Now Open For Beta Testing

Want to get in on a new game, not yet released? "Gundog" is currently offering that chance with a unique take on the third-person shooter.

Is Google Building A Video Game Console? Not Likely.

Rumor has it - according to several unnamed tipsters cited by the Wall Street Journal - that Google is working, among other things, on an Android-based video game console. This seems highly unlikely, and not just because the source is anonymous.

Which Next-Gen Console Is Best For You?

Deciding which console to buy in amongst all the buzz about next-gen gaming isn't exactly an easy task, and everyone's got an opinion. Today, let's try to sift through the noise, and take an in-depth look at the three contenders. 

Nintendo's True Role In Modern Gaming

Looking back, I really feel as though people don't give Nintendo enough credit. Although the organization may not be the industry titan it was in its glory days, it still stands among the most powerful, beloved, and renowned organizations in video games. Nintendo's cultural significance - both now and in the past - simply cannot be denied.

Undertale Is Putting A New Spin On Role Playing Games

Undertale isn't your ordinary, run-of-the-mill RPG.. Each creature you come across will have its own personality, and its own motives beyond 'attack the player.' Consequently, each foe you do battle with can, at the end of the fight, either be killed or spared. It's the player's choice