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Add Some (Expensive) Class To Your Office With Empire Steampunk Speakers

I've always enjoyed the visual style of Steampunk. There's just something about the combination of elegance and artifice that draws me in. You can all understand, then, why I'm positively enchanted by Airhammer Industries' speakers. Unfortunately, they just so happen to cost over 12 grand.

The NotePal X2 Notebook Pad & Cooler: Review

It's definitely one of the cooler laptop fans around, but how well does it cool your laptop? Here is my evaluation of the Cooler Master's NotePal X2 Notebook Pad & Cooler....

Nether Aims To Bring Survival Horror Into The World Of MMOs

Traditionally, survival horror hasn't worked all that well in the context of multiplayer. It's genuinely difficult to convey the proper sense of isolation necessary in order to instill that shrieking, primal fear that horror aficionados so crave. That's not stopping Phosphor Games from trying, however. They've got a new survival horror MMO in the wings. It's called Nether, and it's downright terrifying.

MSI Releases The GS70; Its Slimmest Laptop Yet

MSI's pulled out all the stops with its latest gaming notebook, the GS70. This 17'' device weighs in at a paltry 5.7 pounds, making it the lightest device of its kind. Not only that, it's less than an inch thin. If you think they've sacrificed any power to make it that size, however, you've got another thing coming.

Valve Wants To Integrate 3D Graphics Utility Blender into Steam

Early yesterday, Reddit user Two-Tone- took to the 'net with some very interesting news: as it turns out, Valve is is looking to integrate the open-source 3D graphics development platform Blender into Steam. Through this, it hopes to raise the bar for content in the Steam Workshop even higher.

Curt Schilling On The Failure Of 38 Studios

Anyone who's been following industry news remembers the disastrous tale of Curt Schilling and his game development firm, 38 Studios, and how it went catastrophically bankrupt shortly after releasing its only game. According to Schilling, it's the most devastating thing he's ever been through...yet he's still here, and he's got some advice for other entrepreneurs...and inventors. 

Nvidia Suggests PC Revenue Will Total More Than Playstation And Xbox Combined

During an earnings call earlier today, Nvidia's Senior IR Director Chris Evenden had some very interesting things to say about the state of the PC games industry. According to him, the PC gaming market is going to crush the console market this generation - even after the Xbox One and PS4 are released. The question is, does his stance hold water? 

Preorders Now Open For The Virtuix Omni Gaming Treadmill

Good news, everyone! Preorders are now open for the Virtuix Omni Natural Motion Interface. For those of you who haven't been paying much attention, it's an omnidirectional gaming treadmill which, when paired with a headset such as the Oculus Rift, effectively offers full virtual reality.

That, my friends, is downright incredible. 

Special Collector's Edition Of Saints Row IV Costs One Million Dollars

If you're a fan of the Saint's Row series - I mean REALLY a fan. You need to have an unhealthy obsession bordering on Tom Cruise levels of insanity - publisher Deep Silver's just released something you'll find to be quite the treat: a super-special copy of Saint's Row IV.  It's called the Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition...and it'll run you a cool mil.

To be fair, it does come with some pretty awesome stuff. 

Developer Of New Oculus Rift Cover Based Shooter Warns Players Not To Lean Against In-Game Objects

It's been only a few months since the Oculus RIft devkits shipped out to developers, and we've already seen some positively mind-blowing stuff, from remote-controlled drones equipped with cameras to full-motion VR simulations. Today, I came across what might be the most fascinating demo yet: a cover-based shooter so realistic that the developer has cautioned players not to get too absorbed, lest they try leaning against something that isn't there.