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‘Gundog’ Now Open For Beta Testing

Want to get in on a new game, not yet released? "Gundog" is currently offering that chance with a unique take on the third-person shooter.

Is Google Building A Video Game Console? Not Likely.

Rumor has it - according to several unnamed tipsters cited by the Wall Street Journal - that Google is working, among other things, on an Android-based video game console. This seems highly unlikely, and not just because the source is anonymous.

Which Next-Gen Console Is Best For You?

Deciding which console to buy in amongst all the buzz about next-gen gaming isn't exactly an easy task, and everyone's got an opinion. Today, let's try to sift through the noise, and take an in-depth look at the three contenders. 

Nintendo's True Role In Modern Gaming

Looking back, I really feel as though people don't give Nintendo enough credit. Although the organization may not be the industry titan it was in its glory days, it still stands among the most powerful, beloved, and renowned organizations in video games. Nintendo's cultural significance - both now and in the past - simply cannot be denied.

Undertale Is Putting A New Spin On Role Playing Games

Undertale isn't your ordinary, run-of-the-mill RPG.. Each creature you come across will have its own personality, and its own motives beyond 'attack the player.' Consequently, each foe you do battle with can, at the end of the fight, either be killed or spared. It's the player's choice

The Internet Games Database Is Now In Closed Beta

Most of you likely know of the Internet Movie Database - or IMDB - for short. It's one of the most comprehensive sources of movie information online, covering everything from actors to production crews to reviews. It also purports to cover video games, but that's not its primary focus. Soon, it may not need to be a focus at all: a project known as the Internet Game Database is now in closed beta. 

Why Has Indie Gaming Become So Popular?

Today, there are a few questions I'd like to address: Why are indie games so popular? How have independent developers gained so much influence with consumers, so much standing in gaming culture? In short, what elements have combined to make indie the new black?

Students At Duke University Are Playing PONG With Their Minds

"Grandfather of modern gaming" may not be PONG's only legacy. Not for long, anyway, as a new one is quickly taking form. At Duke University, PhD student David Schwarz has added a new layer to the legendary game: brainwave control.

AbelPlanet's Linx Fusion Headset Gives Feeling To Sound

AblePlanet this month unveiled the newest prototype of its Linx Fusion Haptics Headset. Although the concept may sound a little odd, there are some very real - and exciting - applications for the technology. I'm not just talking about gaming, either.

Wireless Biosensor Teaches Relaxation Through Gaming

In today's society, we're under constant pressure to remain connected; buckling under an overwhelming flow of information. Avoiding this stress isn't really an option - the only sensible thing to do is learn to manage it. That's where the PIP comes in.