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Why Microsoft's Xbox One Backpedal Is A Hollow Victory

Microsoft has finally seen the light, and nixed its ill-conceived 24-hour authentication system. But is that really such a good thing? Given what they're planning to sacrifice in order to do so...I'm going to go with 'no.'

Microsoft Abandons Controversial Xbox One Restrictions

After introducing a series of restrictions for their upcoming Xbox One console at E3, Microsoft today decided to listen to the huge amount of negative feedback and change its policies on used games and always-on DRM.

Why The PS4 Will Defeat The Xbox One (Unless Microsoft Smartens Up)

Yesterday evening, Sony hosted its E3 2013 Press Conference. Calling it impressive feels like something of an understatement. Sony, it would seem, did everything right - but there's one thing in particular that's going to secure their dominance over Microsoft this generation.

It’s E3 Eve, Get Ready To See The Future Of Gaming Revealed Live!

Tomorrow is the first day of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, and the big names in videogames will be presenting their latest consoles and software in full force. Lucky for you, I’ve got a cheat sheet for when and where you can watch the action live!

The Project Unity Arcade Box Combines Eighteen Consoles In One

A fellow who calls himself Bacteria just recently completed a pretty awesome system, the fruit of three years of labor. It's called Project Unity, and it combines eighteen retro consoles in one forty-four pound box.

Pay To Play With Pretty Girls And Pros

If you've ever gamed online, you're likely to have encountered at least a few terrible teammates. Most of you have probably learned simply to deal with them - shrug your shoulders and move on. If you've got a bit of spare change, there might be an alternative - pay for it.

ARAIG Suit Could Bring True Immersion To Gaming

So we're one step closer to true virtual reality. A Kickstarter Page just went live for the ARAIG Gaming Suit - a piece of wearable hardware designed to provide real, visceral sensory feedback. It's about as awesome as it sounds.

What Microsoft Is Doing Right With The Xbox One

Ever since the Xbox One reveal last week, Microsoft has been one of the most popular whipping boys in gaming. Thing is...with everyone focusing on all the stuff the organization's doing wrong, we're losing sight of what they're doing right. Which, believe it or quite a bit.

Xbox Tech Used to Make Bots

A look at the way that video game technology can be used to help in the creation of robots. A new robot that is being worked out by a research team at Cornell Universit that is using the set of cameras and the ability to recorgize the movement of human beings of the Microsoft Kinect to make a new robot.

The Xbox One And Indie Developers: Microsoft's Mistake

Last week, it was announced by Microsoft that the Xbox One will not allow independent developers to self-publish their own titles. Instead, any developer who wishes to publish a game on the Xbox One's marketplace will require a publishing deal. That's not their only mistake, either. Foot; meet buckshot.