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Are Video Games Ready To Go Completely Digital?

Slowly but surely, gaming is readying itself to abandon physical disks. We're already seeing signs of that trend developing with the advent of technologies like Steam, cloud storage, and digital downloads on consoles. There are some who claim the day of digital games is already here - but are we truly ready for that?

Can the Xbox One Stand Up To The PS4?

As many of you are no doubt already aware, the Xbox One was announced today. The press event was...interesting, to say the least. Since watching it, I can't help but wonder: has Microsoft already lost the next-gen game?

Xbox One Revealed

Today Microsoft introduced the Xbox One, its next generation gaming console, and the company aims to make it an all-in-one device for the living room with online and social features for the whole family.

The Real Story Behind the Failed Sale Of The Sega Pluto

Some time ago, a fellow on Destructoid who goes by the handle "kidvid666" made a very exciting revelation. Apparently, he owns one of the only two Sega Pluto units in existence. He decided to see what he could sell it for, and opted to put it up for auction. Unfortunately, things didn't exactly go as planned. 

The Foc.Us Gaming Headset Will Jolt Your Brain Awake

Good news, everyone! If you want to be a better gamer, a solution might only be a few volts away. At least, that's what Michael Oxley and Martin Skinner - inventors of the headset - think. They've developed a device designed to jolt your brain with electricity....

And up your game in the process. 

$16,000 Up For Grabs Via The 2013 Mobile Dev Challenge For Best Mobile App!

Are you a stellar mobile app innovator who needs a good excuse to show off your work? Any sort of mobile app can be thrown into the running, as long as it’s excellent!

Nvidia Tackles the Uncanny Valley with New Rendering Tech

The Uncanny Valley - when something appears almost human, but not quite - might well be one of the most prevalent (and somewhat disturbing) trends in gaming. Tackling the valley is a challenge - how do you make something undeniably artificial look well and truly human? Nvidia may well have the answer.

Arena.XLsm Receives a Huge Content Update

 Arena.XLsm - a game created and played entirely in Microsoft Excel - enjoyed a rather considerable content update today. I've talked about the title before, but it's definitely worth mentioning again. After all, Walkin - the accountant responsible for the title's development - has changed quite a bit.

The Power of Psychology: How Gaming Helps Fight Cancer

It's incredible the degree to which one's mindset can impact one's well-being. To that end,one team of doctors and programmers has devised their own unique means of attacking the Cancer: they've made a video game. Several, actually. 

The Exciting New Frontier of Brainwave Control

Brain wave control is hardly a new concept. It's something scientists, designers, and inventors have been fiddling around with for years. Now, however, there might be a new source of innovation and advancement in the field: gaming.