GasBGon: Flatulence Filter Seat Cushion

GasBGon seat cushions are designed to eliminate the inherent conflict between someone with intestinal gas and the people within his or her breathing zone. How it works... You know how every computer is equipped with a Mute Button and a Delete Button? Well, essentially, that's what we embed inside each of our flatulence filter seat cushions. Acoustical foam serves as a built-in Mute Button. It muffles the sound of a gas outburst. The Delete Button function is provided by a lightweight carbon filter. It adsorbs the odors associated with intestinal gas. Our product slogan is, "Clear the air, not the room." And since many of our sales come from customer referrals, we KNOW the product works. While we take the issues associated with intestinal gas very seriously, at Dairiair,LLC we have fun with our product and have adopted a "laughter is the best medicine" approach. We have a Top 10 list "signs that qualify you as a prime candidate for a GasBGon": 1-Your jogging partner nevermade the mistake of falling behind you TWICE. 2-You tend to clear the room if your overheard saying, "I think I'm getting my second wind".
Jim & Sharron Huza for Dairiair, LLC
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Invention Status: Patent Pending
Sep 28, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

OLD Technology

This product uses old charcoal technology and is not very effective. It uses poly foam and chuncks of activated charcoal that is buried in the foam. The Flat-D Chair Pad is a more efficient design

Sep 29, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Maybe someone should invent a

Beano-bag chair!

Sep 2, 2007
by Tangentbeans


That is some what quite funny but truly a great invention!

Best wishes.


Do you ever feel like you are being followed by the back of your head?