Gear Box Pen with Memo Pad in Wood Base Drives On The Write

Looking for a neat gadget gift that'll shift your auto enthusiast boss's attention in your direction? Search no more, for the Princess PI-1118-70 Gear Shift Pen Set with Memo Pad will keep your thoughtfulness front & center on said boss's desktop. The 7" long base glows with a rich, traditional wood stain that both enhances and complements the polished metal stylized shifter, which holds the pen mount at a jaunty angle.

The pen itself displays a gleaming chromed body topped by a classic ball-type wood shift knob inset with a circular metal shift diagram. Last and certainly not least, the base is designed to hold a stack of memo sheets so the user can express his or her thoughts whenever driven to "give the gears" to one of their employees.

The Princess PI-1118-70 Gear Shift Pen Set with Memo Pad is available direct from Gifts and Gadgets Online for just $19.95 or at for slightly extra, plus shipping (via Uber-Review ).

Steve Levenstein
Japanese Innovations Writer