Davids & Goliaths : Insider's View of the Geneva Invention Show 2007

The International Exhibition of Inventions for 2007, held in Geneva from April 18 -22nd. It featured over 1000 inventions from around the world and almost 70,000 visitors from 5 continents. Unfortunately, the InventorSpot.com team could not be there to cover the event. Fortunately, we did make arrangements for our Guest Blogger Peter to write about the event for us.

Peter Martin Wins Gold MedalPeter Martin Wins Gold MedalWhy the delay in writing about an event that happened in April? Well, it ended up that our Guest Blogger, Peter was a Gold Medal Winner at the Geneva Invention Show. Yup, he received his in the category 'Protection of the Environment - Energy' for his invention, the RE:tie, a 'simple closure system for food and drink containers'. Peter redesigned the tamper proof security strip used in many drinks bottles and jars, by introducing a block with a hole. This means the strip can be saved and reused as a tie, in the garden, for cabling, for bags – for anything which needs tying together.

Understandably, he got involved in a whirlwind of activity that came with the prize after the show. Well, now he has finally had time to write an article on the Geneve Invention Show for us.

Our Guest Blogger, Peter Martin, is a creative ad man and inventor, lives in the UK and runs Junkk.com , which helps design, find and share ideas on reuse for everyday products and packaging that normally get thrown away.

Here's his truly insider view of the Geneva Invention Show:

* * * *

The 2007 Geneva Inventions Show, or ‘35th Salon International des Inventions des Techniques et Produits Nouveux' for long, is billed as one of the world's largest of its type. Having only ever attended one other, The British Inventions Show, I really can't make too many comparisons, but it certainly was pretty impressive.

Bolted on to the airport (and hence astoundingly convenient for exhibitors and visitors alike), the PalExpo centre is a vast, purpose-built edifice that has been created specifically for world-class events. The specific hall this was in was huge (highlighted by the constant presence of an airborne blimp that buzzed about all day sending down aerial imagery of all that was taking place below), with row upon row, criss-crossed with aisle upon aisle of stands; some big and some small.

And if there was one thing that struck me it was the eclectic nature of the exhibits and the exhibitors.

While entire blocks had been taken by some country or university missions, from China to Russia to Malaysia, there were many who had opted for the 2x2m minimum option as simple individuals, to share their personal inventions. And likewise the money lavished on sharing the ideas was at equal extremes. Some stands were inventions in their own right, and must have taken days to assemble. Some were masterpieces of minimalism, running to little more than hand-written posters stuck to the walls, with a hopeful and eager representative ready willing and able to share with the interested visitor what it was all about. Most, due to the fact that the majority of exhibitors had flown in, were something in between, erring on the latter.

Peter's Winning ExhibitPeter's Winning ExhibitMy own exhibit comprised a metal dustbin (trash can) with a extending pole that held an LED torch that shone down upon my exhibit on the bin lid. And all the peripheral stuff - posters, support materials, etc - had been packed inside, including my trip luggage, as to save space I'd doubled it up as my suitcase. And that, as you can imagine, caused some fun and games at the various airports!