Eight Cool Tools to Handicap the Course

Did you every wish you could improve your golf game?

Our Guest Blogger, Scott Fetters, is a self-described "freelance writer extraordinaire, adventure sports enthusiast, and professional extrovert", who is "riding out this train we call life through some fresh powder, until the wheels fall off." Scott thought his good deed of the day would be to help readers of AmericanInventorSpot.com become better golfers (and who doesn't need a little help with their game) with these innovative golf gadgets.

Here's his article:

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Have you ever noticed yourself embracing the following narcissistic, biased perspective while playing a round of golf?

If you're playing well, almost involuntarily you begin to reflect upon your conspicuously staggering golfing prowess; epitomizing what all golfers should aspire towards. While, on the contrary, if your partner putts to make a birdie on a near impossible leave, you think condescendingly that through his stroke-of-good-fortune, he must have detected some astronomical loophole in the physics of the game.

Regardless, one rudimentary thought process remains when discussing golf- control your emotional responses, or be governed by mental mistakes. I should know, Happy Gilmoresque dreams plague me with a meddlesome reality, one composed of worm burners confounded with a wicked slice. In the end, it all alludes to the truth, that I am no Tiger Woods.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but apparently the miniature score card pencils didn't come equipped with erasers for a reason, right? Honestly, golf would promote far less pathologies, incorrigible broken friendships, and damaged fairways if someone simply provided you with an eraser. It's simple innovations like these that change our world, especially in this thinking man's sport. Therefore, on my crusade to overcome tempestuous golfing outings, I've come across a few inventions that will hopefully take our minds off of our handicaps. Not all of us are PGA bound, genetically predisposed to a lifestyle like Tiger, or able to manufacture an honest perspective while on the course, but at least thanks to these innovations we can feel like the center of attention, once again.

Pocket MarkmasterPocket MarkmasterPocket Markmaster
This handheld device will add the missing pizazz to your lack-luster putting performance. All you do is "Tap it against the putting green behind your ball, and it dispenses a small dot of talcum powder to cleverly mark your spot." This low profile, pocket sized, refillable tool will quickly steer the embarrassing attention away from your escalating scorecard. Officially approved by the U.S golf rules governing organization, the patented design on the Pocket Markmaster also incorporates an alloy metal, switchblade action divot fixer. This duel dimensional tool comes with two pre-filled powder cartridges, each with a protective cap to keep powder out of your pocket. Both cartridges can be easily refilled at home using ordinary talcum powder. Another benefit to the device is the biodegradability of Talcum; therefore, rendering the grass unharmed. Simply wipe away the remaining Talcum, and move on to your next hole without leaving a trace.


Guide LinerGuide LinerGuide Liner
Allegedly, this putting alignment aid truly works and it is the fastest and easiest way to improve your score. This Guide Liner "offers a totally unique stencil pattern that actually improves your eye-hand-club-ball coordination, thus helping to ensure that you hit the ball squarely in the desired direction." All you have to do is, snap it onto a ball and draw the unique pattern using the permanent ink marker that's included. This tool is beginning to sound like the miracle cure for my golfing influenza. Its clever way of assisting golfers in generating the straight follow through is vital for accurate putting. Before putting, rotate the ball so that the pattern points in the precise, desired direction. Then align your swing so that the notch on your putter strikes through the first semi-circle, but ALSO through the center of the second semi-circle as well. You know, I always relied on the miniature golf courses for my practice, but maybe this Guide Liner could prove worthy. If not ... at least it includes a permanent ink marker and a golf bag clip.


Tee Hanger Bag ClipTee Hanger Bag ClipTee Hanger Bag Clip
This merchant proclaimed that the Tee Hanger Bag Clip is a "useful improvement over boring bag tags," combining function with aesthetic. It's also a tee hanger, providing golfers with fast, convenient access to their tees. No longer will you or I have to waste needless time fishing around in our jam packed golf bag pocket looking for a loose tee while our friends eagerly await our next mulligan. All we will have to do is insert tees into the rubberized holding tubes at the beginning of a round of golf, and casually pull one out of a tube whenever we want. You've gotta love technology at its finest.



This award winning product conforms to the rules of golf, and appears as if you are hitting a ball which is floating on thin air. This Brush -T lasts, on average, 27 rounds of golf which is long enough for me. When teeing off, almost every golfer gets scuff marks on the bottom of their club head caused by conventional tees. These scuff marks are proof that conventional tees may be causing resistance or deflections on tee shots. The innovation behind the Brush-T, is that it will eliminate resistance, friction, and deflections, thus producing more distance and better accuracy.


Golf Bag WatchGolf Bag WatchGolf Bag Watch
If you're like most golfers, and dislike wearing a wrist watch which may interfere with your fluid, pendulum swing, then this classy watch is probably right up your alley. This watch conveniently clips onto your golf bag for quick and easy access. The Golf Bag Watch is heavy duty for long life, yet, with appealing good looks. With a simple press of a button, the protective lid pops open, displaying the face which relies on quartz movement. Battery pre-installed, yay!




Range Finder ScopeRange Finder ScopeRange Finder Scope
Now-a-days, the time has come to integrate modern warfare onto the golf course. I mean, after all, with GPS technology making its way into golf carts, measurements at every tee box, and clubs that can drive the ball miles, it's about time we all had a top-of-the-line 8 x 20 mm magnification scope in our back pocket. Now, not only can you adjust the focus while accurately measuring distances to the pin in yards / meters up to 200 yards, you can do it all while crouched down in military fatigues behind some brush with your Range Finder Scope . I understand how the accurate measurements will encourage appropriate club selection, but seriously? This powerful magnification also allows golfers to use it to inspect upcoming terrain and hazards, or the frequent threat passerby from stealth bombers. It includes a nylon carrying pouch with belt loop that allows it to be snugly attached onto the golfer's belt. It is described as non intrusive with the golfer's swing, evidently a must have for all ex-Navy Seals looking for a refreshing outdoors activity.

Golf Nutrition BarsGolf Nutrition BarsGolf Nutrition Bars
Without a doubt, nutrition bars are a wave of upcoming generations. We are slowly working backwards in time and soon will be living entirely off jerky, nutrition bars, and dehydrated everything else. While astronauts will be eating prime rib, salmon, and caviar as they float weightlessly upside down. Either way, let's usher in the era of "Back To Nature" golf nutrition system food bars, formulated especially for golfers. The "1st Tee" pre-round nutrition bar fuels the mind and body before a round of golf by using chamomile, hops, and valerian root to help golfers stay calm and focused. The "10th Tee" back-nine energy bar combats mental fatigue and increases focus and energy with green tea and panax ginseng extracts. Both bars contain essential vitamins and minerals, and come in four highly popular flavor combinations.


Gorilla Gold GripGorilla Gold GripGorilla Gold Grip Enhancing Tackifying Cloth
The Gorilla Gold Grip Enhancer is a tackifying cloth that is specially formulated to provide a superior grip in any and all weather conditions. It is especially helpful in cold, wet, or sweat conditions when it is difficult to get and maintain a firm grip on your golf club. Its key ingredient is a derivative of bee's wax. It is non-toxic, does not stain, and will naturally dissipate from your hands, gloves, and club grip. So there is no messy build-up and no clean-up to worry about. And by the way, Gorilla Gold is indeed permitted under the rules of golf.

Without exploring these specific realms of possibility, who knows what, or if any, results may be obtained from using these golf gadgets. Without question though, that previous mentioned lack luster performance will not be the hot topic of conversation when you sit down at the pro shop for an ensuing tasty bevy. Needless to say, whatever handicap you entertain these days, the course will surely endure a taste of its own medicine.

Scott Fetters
Guest Blogger

Nov 12, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Convention for Inventions.

i am doing a convetion in my school. It's called convention for inventions and we are to make our own inventions that would make life a little easier.
my partner and I were hoping that we could get some ideas for the handicap and how we could make their life easier. The problem is we can't make anything that needs electricity and the invention can't already been made. So it would really be nice if you could send me back an email on what you think and if you can help us. One last thing can it not be about golf. ha ha.