Gotta Go Briefcase

Looking for a briefcase that is multi-functional? The Gotta Go Briefcase will surely inspire the business-savvy men and women of the world climbing the corporate ladder who will stop at nothing to get an edge… not even to take a dump. In today’s fast paced corporate market, every minute counts and often can be the difference between success and failure. No longer is it feasible or convenient to take time out for toilet breaks, especially in taxis, subways or rail systems where facilities aren’t always provided. Now, for the GM who has to take a BM, there is the Gotta Go Briefcase. A full functioning briefcase that also doubles as a portable lavatory.

Top Japanese business professionals participated in extensive market research in ways to better maximize time efficiency and encourage higher job performance. As a result, Niban Too Corp. of Japan came up with the Gotta Go Briefcase for an extra edge over corporate competitors.

The water proof briefcase retains an elegant yet durable appearance with high quality Mahogany leather, a strong lightweight aluminum internal structure, and stainless steel bowl with generously equipped sealing lid. Quietly and discreetly go about your personal "business" anywhere you please with a fold out leather privacy panel which tucks away neatly to the side when you have completed your multi-tasking. A toilet paper dispenser easily swings out and can be conveniently stored in an inconspicuous storage compartment under the padding [for added discretion] when not in use.

Included with the Gotta Go Briefcase are a small tray with cup holder (clips onto the privacy panel), attachable vanity mirror, and refillable hand sanitizing dispenser. The newspaper and air freshener are not included but recommended.

*Maximum weight capacity is 80 Kilos (approx.175 lbs.). Exceeding the recommended weight will void all warranties and may result in rupture of waste tank, possible bacterial contamination of briefcase contents, and massive stench.

*Note – There has been a bit of stripping photo credits and plagiarism of my articles, but rest assured my blog will always give the most comprehensive and accurate information of inventions and concepts I cover, as it is always the original source here at Inventor Spot. Thanks for reading. - Rodd

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Gotta Go Briefcase Gotta Go Briefcase Gotta Go Briefcase
  Gotta Go Briefcase Gotta Go Briefcase Gotta Go Briefcase
Gotta Go Briefcase Gotta Go Briefcase Gotta Go Briefcase
May 15, 2007
by location (not verified)


I think a person who's buying something like this ain't that normal, ok you are a busy person but how busy can you be as long as you are still doing your "act".

Nov 28, 2008
by balloonfarm

How about this slogan?

"Now your briefcase can be full of shit, too."