Green Gift Guide for Lovers

Just because the holidays are over doesn't mean the gift giving is over. Between birthdays, Valentine's Day, anniversaries, weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, and everything else in between, there are a bunch of green gifts you can still share with your friends and families. Don't worry, it isn't all pricey. These gifts come in all shapes and prices. I've placed the items under generalized categories, but that doesn't mean they can't belong anywhere else.

Because we are only a few days away from Valentine's Day, I've decided to begin with a list of seven eco-friendly gifts couples can use to celebrate this day of love. Why Seven? Seven is a lucky number and it may help you get lucky. Kiss


1. GreenKnicker's Panties and Boxers
However new or old your relationship is, lingerie and sexy undies are always a big hit. In a gift box or on you, surprise him/her with these sexy earth friendly underwear, from The panties are green, handmade in the UK with 100 % organic cotton and embroidered in the front and center with two words, "Eat Organic". The black shorts/boxers for men are made in India and are also 100% organic, naturally dyed and embroidered with the same words. If I have any complaints about the men's boxers, it is that the embroidered words are not in the front and center like that of the panties. If only the designers could have been on the same wavelength. See Green Gift Her


2. Earth Day Goblets
If you're going to have a romantic date, bring out the wine glasses, but not just any ordinary ones. Surprise him /her with Earth Day Goblets from the Green Glass Company. The Green Glass Company recycles bottles and turns them into elegant goblets and tumblers. Green Glass Company does not melt to recycle, but uses a separation process that has won them international awards for their designs. South African environmentalists Mara and Sean Penrith and Philip Tetley started Green Glass in 1992. The Earth Day goblets you see here, are made from Canadian white wine bottles which have been "frosted" (sandblasted). Engraved on them, are the words "Protect Our Earth" written in English, Spanish, Afrikaans (South African) and French, but these goblets wont last much longer. They will soon be "extinct". See Green Gift Here








3. Bubble Bath Blossoms in Pomegranate Fig
Here is a Valentine gift that keeps on giving and soothing. It's Bubble Bath Blossoms (only $3.00 a flower) from the Organic Bath Company. These bubble bath flowers come in Pomegranate Fig, but if you don't like the ingredients or the gift idea look at the other items Organic Bath carries, from Bubble Bath Roses, Vegetable Soap, Bath Soak. Spa Kits to many other bath and body eco-friendly items. At a fair price and ready for that romantic night, enjoy your bath with love. All of Organic Bath products are cruelty free, have no petroleum based ingredients, no paraben or other toxic preservatives, no sodium lauryl or laureth sulfates, no alcohol or artificial coloring or fragrance. It's good for the skin, the relationship and the environment. See Green Gift Here

4. Green and Black's
Its hard to have a traditional Valentine without chocolate, especially if you're me, so if you must indulge, indulge with organic chocolate. Try Green and Black's chocolate. Green and Black's is a fair trade company that has been in existence since 1991. All of their chocolate is organic and certified by California Certified Organic Farmers. According to their website, most of their chocolate products contain soy and are suitable for vegetarians as well. So, share with your sweetheart an almond bar, hot chocolate, or a gift box of individually wrapped Maya Gold Squares. You can also opt to buy the baking bar and make homemade cookies. After all, the way to a person's heart is through their stomach. See Green Gift Here





5. Organic Massage Oils
A massage can do so much to enhance the romantic mood between you and your sweetheart, as it lowers blood pressure, improves circulation and reduces tension. So this Valentine's Day take the day or night to share the gift of touch and intimacy with organic massage oils. Organic massages oils from Northern Naturals are made with 100% certified organic oils which consist of: organic sunflower oil, organic apricot oil, and organic jojoba. Their Earth Botanical Massage Oil line is free from added fragrances or aromatic additives because Northern Naturals believes in the gift of touch, the health of our skin and our bodies. Feel free to buy by the ounce or by the gallon; as long as it satisfies your romantic need. See Green Gift Here