Green Gift Guide for Lovers

6. Lumia Organic Candles
Candles are essential for setting up a romantic evening of dining, intimate massages or candle lit bubble baths. And what busy couple doesn't need a romantic evening every now and then? A gift set of non-gmo soy candles from Lumia Organic will help you and your partner get one step closer to that long awaited romantic night in a much more environmentally friendly way. Lumia Organic produces candles achieving the highest standards for clean burning organic wax, pure essential oils, natural colors, and cotton wicks. Their most popular candle, Tall Crackle Glass Candle-scented Cinnamon spice burns for 120 hours. See Green Gift Here







7. Sunflower Solar Power Station
Now that you have the wine glasses, the chocolates, the candles, the massage oils, the sexy undies, the bubble bath flowers, allow yourself and your partner to relax and listen to the music from the Sunflower Solar Power Station. The Sunflower Solar Power Station designed by Ricardo Baiao is perfect for your musical entertainment and for providing power to your electrical devices. Included are an integrated solar powered music system, CD and two speakers. There is no information yet on the price or the place where this will be sold, because it is only a prototype, but there are plans to commercialize the product soon.
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Wrap in Green and Love

If you decide to wrap a gift this Valentine's Day don't forget to wrap it green. You can buy recycled or organic wrapping paper. You also have the option to be creative and use newspaper, foil paper or a handmade gift bag, and top it off with nice colorful recycled ribbon. If you aren't creative and instead want to buy eco-friendly gift wrap, but don't know where to find any, take a look at the paper Paporganics carries. Their organic cotton paper, hemp blend paper, recycled papers, envelopes and biodegradable ribbons are more than enough to wrap up your gifts with love and peace of mind. See Green Gift Wrap Here

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