Green Gift Guide for the Family

If you are looking for ways to go green as a family, in my opinion, recycling and charity are the best ways to start, but if you need a little motivation to get you going, below are a few green items to consider on your journey there.

Let it Grow with Aeroponics

Encouraging your family to garden together or just eat more homegrown greens is a good place to start. To make it fun and easy, get an Aerogarden. The Aerogarden has NASA tested Aeroponic Technology, like at the Disney World's "Living with the Land" attraction at the Epcot center. Aeroponics is a dirt-free growing method where plant roots are suspended in air within a 100% humidity, highly-oxygenated growing chamber. So there is no dirt or mess to deal with and there is no need for a green thumb.

Remarkably, according to the Aerogarden website, Aerogarden plants will grow 5 times faster than plants in dirt. Which mean you can have a beautiful little garden in your home, year round. Choose the seed packets that are sent to you and have fun growing: herbs, greens, vegetables, fruits or flowers. A built in light timer turn lights on and off.

The Aerogarden is a gift for everyone to enjoy and the only hard work you have to do is get your kids to eat the greens, but I'm sure that wont be a problem when they see where it comes from. See Green Garden Here

Green in the Outdoors

If you're the type of family that loves the outdoors and loves to go camping, here is a way to leave a lighter footprint wherever it is you decide to camp. Its and Eco Camp Kit from Biomelifestyle, that comes with: a solar shower, a water-powered digital alarm clock, a freeplay radio, an organic cotton roll-up bed and a clear-cased self-sufficient torch in an eco-friendly bag. You can update to a luxurious eco-camp kit and in addition get a soft Shetland wool throw, one bar of organic soap and one organic cotton bath towel. Or you could always put a green camping bag together yourself, but do you really have the time? While you are camping, and before you leave remember to pick up your trash too. Try to leave the place as clean as or cleaner than you found it.

Biomelifestyle also has environmentally friendly products for the whole house: bedroom, kitchen, living room bathroom and of course the outdoors.
See Green Camp Kit Here


Green Fun Game Night

If bad weather is keeping you and your family indoors or if you're an indoor type of family, you can still be environmentally conscious. Thanks to designer, Jim Deacove, there is a board game called, A Beautiful Place. Kids and their parents can play and enjoy it while learning about the environment. A Beautiful Place can be played to learn simple environmental concepts or as a nature game. The game includes: Board 12 x 12 in, Pollution Clouds, Ugly Puzzle, Good Ecology Deed Tokens, Movers and Die. The age level of the game is 4-7 and the amount of players that can play at once is 4 players. Also take a look at other games like Earth Game and Harvest Time at Grass Roots. See Green Game Here


Don't Just Wrap it Map It

Whatever green gift you choose to purchase remember even the wrapping paper you use can be green, fun and sometimes, believe it or not, geographically educational. How is this possible? Forest Saver Design has made reclaimed maps into wrapping paper. The awesome wrap maps are available in NYC Subway and topographical designs. Also take a look at Forest Saver Design's journals, notepads, stationary and coasters made from recycled maps. See Green Store Here



Green Gift Certificates to the Rescue

If you still can't find the right gift, give gift certificates a chance. Gift certificates have become a big part of gift giving in our society. Yes, they can be a bit impersonal, but some people can be so difficult to shop for and actually like having the option of choosing their gift. Whether it be their age, their style or their personality, sometimes it is just easier to give a gift certificate that says, "Here! I want you to buy whatever you really want", but make sure its a gift certificate to an environmentally friendly place. Eco-Artware is a good start. See Green On-line Store Here

Gloria Campos-Hensley
Featured Blogger