Green Gift Guide for Little Kids

5 Solar Powered Helicopter - No Batteries Needed

This solar powered helicopter is a cute wooden toy with a dab of technology. If you have a pilot in the family or a helicopter fan, consider this as a gift. You won't need batteries to keep it going. Just put it near any window seal and the blades will turn on their own. It's that simple. That is what makes it so fun, like a cardboard box. No, it won't go airborne, by any means, but that's okay, your kid's imagination will help it soar. See Green Helicopter




6 Washy Squashy - Non-Toxic Soap

Kids can get even more creative and clean with this next one. It is a colorful, scented soap kids can mold, sculpt, squash and squish in their little hands, while washing their hands or taking a bath. It's called Washy Squashy. The package contains 3 bars of molding soap colored with Earth Natural Pigments: yellow, green and orange. It has a nontoxic, olive-oil base that is gentle enough for daily use and gentle skin. A free activity book full of ideas comes with the soap as well. I don't' know a kid that wouldn't enjoy getting clean, green and creative with this playful soap. See Green Soap


7 eLab Renewable Energy Set

If you want to teach your kids about renewable energy in a fun way or if you have a Lego addict in your home, like I do, Lego's has a great educational toy on hand. It's the eLab Renewable Energy Set. There are 729 elements, including a gear motor, yellow gear block, capacitor, and long and short leads. It also includes three different building instructions for each source of energy. Let your kid build a Ferris wheel, solar car, test car, a windmill or watermill and then sit back and watch him learn. See Green Toy


8 Magic Nuudle Stix - 100% Biodegradable

These sticks are no ordinary sticks. They are Magic Nuudle Stix and you can create just about anything with them. All you need, to get them to stick, is water, just a little bit of water. They magically stick to each other, paper, glass, wood, plastic, cloth, skin or just about anything! They are starch-based, colorful, nontoxic and environmentally friendly. Stick them under the sink and use a lot of water if you want to get rid of them. That's right they are 100% biodegradable. They are also easier to clean up than play-dough and more flexible and easier to stick than Popsicle sticks, they are perfect for you very creative kids, at home or away from home. Another option is Magic Nuudle Building Blocks. See Green Sticks


9 Rapido - Made with Bamboo

Made of bamboo a lightweight, stable replenishable and fast growing resource, Rapido can make a boring day quickly turn fun. It is a 5-10 minute game to be played by 2-4 players. To win a player must pick up all the water-based painted balls as fast as he can. The catch is to do it in the right order. If you like this one you will probably like Pandabo too. It is played for the same amount of time, with the same amount of players and the same age group as Rapido (4 years and up), but Pandabo is more like Jenga where as Rapido is more like playing jacks. See Green Game


Wrap It Green

Whatever green gifts you decide to buy your child don't forget to wrap it green. One option is to use biodegradable paper from Bogus Wrapping Paper which is made from 60-70% recycled newspaper and 30-40% recycled cardboard and 100% biodegradable and can be composted or recycled along with other paper products. See Green Product Here

You can also bag it green with organic gift bags from Lagniappe Gift Wrap. They provide gift bags made from recycled fabric and natural fiber. They go one step further and encourage you to be even greener and return the gift bags to them when you can no longer use or no longer want to use them. They wash and repair the bags and then sale them in their Lagniappe Redux line. In addition as a thank you to you they send you a 10 % discount coupon off your next purchase. See Green Gift Bag

Other great toy and gift items for children can be found at HotSpotMama's Blog and with guest blogger, Mia Levine.

Gloria Campos-Hensley
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Feb 4, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Love the fuel car. I think

Love the fuel car. I think its a perfect gift for a little boy. Thanks

Mar 26, 2007
by FUR & FURless Children (not verified)

Durable Child Friendly Toys

As I research into all the items available for children, the numbers astound me.  From high tech toys to the mundane there is something for everyone.  But despite that these are available are they as user friendly and educational as we would desire as parents?  Cost efficiency is usually our number one concern, yet here we have an Eco friendly source of educational toy that actually benefits us and is inexpensive.  So what drags us back to high tech toys that are the ultimate destroyers of our environment?  These toys fail to stimulate both the gross and fine motor skills of a child even though there is key interaction within them.  I guess it's the hype we all fall under while watching TV and interacting with our peers.  The daily barrage of meeting our kids demands while still maintaining a budget is not without its own pressures either.

Nov 19, 2007
by Kathleen Michell (not verified)

Green Gift Guides


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