Green Gifts for the Pets We Love

Pets are part of the family too, right? Right! But, until recently, environmentally friendly products for pets didn't even cross my mind. Then this winter season a nine week old puppy came into my life and before I could turn away from his big sad brown eyes I was hooked and the search for safer and environmentally friendly pet products began. Here are just a few of things I have found below. From chew toys, to pet beds, cleaner litter, healthier bath time and food- pets of all kinds can live green right along with us.

Flutter Balls

If you have cats and your cats like toys, don't they deserve something really fun and green? Flutter Balls from World Wise, are just that. The feathers entice your cat. The ball keeps the feathers going and the fact that the toy is a benefit to the environment and hours of entertainment for your happy and healthy cat. How is the toy environmentally friendly? It is stuffed with 100% recycled plastic. The fleece is made of 75% recycled material. The feathers are natural, undyed and biodegradable. What cat wouldn't enjoy it? World Wise also has toys and bedding for dogs. All their products are made with the environment and pets in mind. See Green Toy Here



Give Your Dog a Shoe

Puppies' like to chew and what better thing to chew on then a shoe? But you don't want to give your puppy one of your shoes. Instead give him a shoe of his own made from 100% natural loofah, a long dried out fruit/vegetable, grown without any chemicals or pesticides. The Loofy Shoe is 150 x 65 cm. If you don't like the idea of giving your puppy anything that resembles a shoe, try the other fun loofah or hemp toys at Animal Pure. See Green Toy Here



Frisbee Anyone

If you've ever seen the commercial of the man throwing the Frisbee to his dog and wished it could be you, now it can be, but in a more environmentally friendly way. Yes, Frisbees come green too. The one at Our Green House is made of 100% hemp canvas and hemp rope circumference. It comes in a size 10" and in the colors orange, lime and blue. As always look at the other pet green friendly products at the site. See Green Toy Here






Pets Like Sleep Too

Pets don't play all day. They need sleep. So, why not give them something green to dream on? For environmentally friendly pet beds, Green Culture has it covered. For example, the Eco-Pet Bed is made from soft eco-fleece and filled with 100% hypo-allergenic polyfiber. The Eco-Fleece and fiber is made from recycled soda bottles. Each Pet Bed saves 150 soda bottles from going to the landfills. But, if this bed isn't what you had in mind also take a look at the Cardboard Kitty Box made of 100% recycled cardboard. Soy based crayons are included so that you can decorate the box anyway you or your cat want to. See Green Bedding Here