Guide for Escorting Children

In todays work force child care centers are located near the parents place of work which places that center in metropolitian areas where traffic is heavy. Child care providers escort the children along and accross busy streets. The children are either holding hands or a rope, both unreliable as the chilren will either let go of the others hand or simply let go of the rope. The Centipede will provide a new and improved method to escorting small children. This tethering device is bright and colorful, in the shape of a centipede with each cross member having hands affix with a velcro strap to secure a small hand. The central member will prevent tangling and allows two escorts no need for the full staff out escorting. This bright and colorful device will be seen well and has the appearance of a centipede. Motorist will learn of this device and know that children are attached. This device is completely detachable and allows for single and/or double file from 2 children to 20 children.

Keywords: children, kids, safety
Oct 17, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)


This is a GREAT idea!