Guitar Hero II: A Better Way to Rock


Did you know that you can cheaply, and easily, be playing a guitar like you've always wanted? Guitar Hero II for the Xbox 360 puts the joy in playing music into a cheap little guitar and a video game that will keep you rockin' out for hours on end. Turn up your volume, and get ready to rock!

Guitar Hero II for the Xbox 360 was released in April of 2007. It is a video game that allows you to play along with tons of famous songs (either with the standard controller, or with a peripheral add-on guitar that comes with the game, shown below and left), including songs by My Chemical Romance ("Dead!", in video at top), Lynyrd Skynyrd ("Freebird"), Buckethead ("Jordan"), the Foo Fighters (Monkey Wrench), Pearl Jam ("Life Wasted"), and Aerosmith ("Last Child"), just to name a few. The game has the same songs as the PlayStation 2 version of the game, with an additional 10 songs added in; plus you can buy songs from Xbox Live Marketplace (Microsoft's online store that you buy and download additional content from). The Xbox 360 version has a total of 74 songs in all. You can play the game on 4 different difficulty levels, ranging from a very beginner at using the guitar, to a person extremely seasoned with the guitar.

X-Plorer Guitar ControllerX-Plorer Guitar ControllerYou play the game by pressing the button that corresponds with the notes color on the screen. When one specific colored note gets to the bottom, you hold the corresponding colored button down and strum on the guitar (on the controller you just press the corresponding button). At the time of this writing, all copies of Guitar Hero II for the Xbox 360 come with the guitar, and typically cost between $80 and $100. The guitar itself has 5 buttons, each of which is color coded to correspond with a note's color on the screen. The easier difficulty levels in the game utilize only four of the buttons (green, red, yellow, and blue) while the more difficult levels utilize all five (forcing you move your fingers to reach the orange button). Playing the game in the Expert mode (shown in video at top) could, potentially, be compared to playing an actual guitar. While playing this game isn't exactly like playing the guitar, it certainly comes close.

The Guitar Hero franchise has always been popular among kids, and if you already own an Xbox 360, this is a very excellent buy for anybody in the family. While this isn't the ideal purchase for a guitar lover, it certainly can help you save some money on years of guitar lessons and the actual purchase of a guitar. The game ranges from easy to play for newcomers, to very challenging for veterans, and comes fairly cheaply to your very own home.

Guitar Hero II is good for hundreds of hours of musical entertainment, more than any other music title available on any console. Guitar Hero II does everything you could want out of a simple music title, and more.

Matt Wood
Featured Blogger