Halloween Costumes For The Slighty Twisted

I am not one to wear a stupid costume from a local Wal_Mart. No. I am into finding something a little different that reflect the innver beast.

Here's a few of my favorites. If I get really into it, I may share more.

Apron of Flesh

Apron of FleshApron of Flesh

 (Halloween Costume Here )





 Venom Mask

Venom MaskVenom Mask

(Halloween Costume Here )



Tidy Toilet

Tidy Toilet CostumeTidy Toilet Costume

(Halloween Costume here)


 Nerve Endings

Nerve EndingsNerve Endings

(Halloween Costume Here)

Down for the Count

Down for the CountDown for the Count

(Halloween Costume Here )

 Rex and You

Rex and YouRex and You

 (Halloween Costume Here )

Man Eaten by Shark

Man Eaten by SharkMan Eaten by Shark

(Halloween Costume Here )

Well, any of these costume inspire your twisted mind?