'Hanging Harry' Light Pull Reinvents Gallows Humor

You don't have to be a serial killer to appreciate the 'Hanging Harry' Light Pull, but it doesn't hurt. It doesn't hurt Harry either, since he's made of bilious green silicone rubber and has obviously passed on to the Great Hall of Bad Taste Gifts in the Sky, if the rather large X's over his eyes are any indication. At least Harry performs his intended function quickly and quietly, with nary a snap, gurgle or pop to be heard - for that, at least, we may be thankful.

'Harry'... he and I are on a first-name basis... is about 5" long and comes complete with 6' of rope. The manufacturer is nice enough to have already pre-tied a tiny noose at the business end, assuming correctly that most of us regular-type folks are neither Boy Scouts nor Hanging Judges. To install Harry in an average bachelor's bathroom (like your spouse is going to tolerate it for more than half a millisecond), you'll have to currently have one of those old-fashioned pull chain bathroom lights. Then simply replace the chain with poor old Harry's stairway to heaven. I'm guessing this would also work with a ceiling fan, or one of those early commode style toilets... hey, go ahead and knock yourself out! And keep Harry in mind next time you decide to redecorate the frat house.

The 'Hanging Harry' Light Pull will be available around the end of June 2007 from suck.uk.com , so reserve your place in line now. Estimated cost is £7.50 (about $15) plus shipping (via GadgetGrid ).

Steve Levenstein
Japanese Innovations Writer
Jun 13, 2007
by Anonymous Will Pool (not verified)

Hanging Harry

Hanging Harry is NOT anatomically correct. (Is that why he hung himself?)   Pulling on other body parts would be more interesting and perhaps more acceptable to the female spouse.

Jun 13, 2007
by Steve Levenstein
Steve Levenstein's picture

Ya think?

I dunno, he looks well hung to me...

Jun 14, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

That May Actually Be

the inner part of a "Therapy Buddy"--just add a soft covering and scary voice:  "Everything is going to be all right". 

 Or, maybe that's what happens to a "Therapy Buddy" that isn't effective.  (His soft covering would be hung outside on a clothesline and set on fire while the soft inner body part gets hung in a bathroom or closet.)