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Happy Green Halloween

If you like Halloween and you love to decorate for the occasion, now you have the chance to add a little more green to your spooky garden decor using solar energy. Below are a few solar products to liven up your Halloween nights.

1. Corpse Solar Light

This gruesome Corpse Solar Light with a missing eye, a hole in his head, bad teeth and rotting skin is 17 inches tall and made of hard plastic. His bright blue eye gives off such a great look of eerie despair that he’ll fit nicely in any grave themed Halloween front yard. See Green Product






2. Solar Pumpkin Garden Statues

If you prefer something a little less gruesome than the Corpse, check out the Solar Pumpkin Garden Statues. The statues have flashing lights and are made of low maintenance poly resin. The pumpkins are a little too cute to be scary, so your little ones will probably love it. See Green Product




3. Solar Luminary Pumpkin Accent Light

If the last solar pumpkin light wasn’t what you were looking for, consider this one. The Solar Luminary Pumpkin Accent Light is a black metal box with cut out pumpkin images on all four sides. It automatically lights up in the evening and stays on for 10-12 hours. Let these happy pumpkin images illuminate your porch, yard or driveway. See Green Product




4. A Solar Groovy Grave

If you like ghosts, skulls and tombstones in your garden, take a look at the Groovy Grave that emits an eerie blue light. The cute peek-a-boo ghost, with his coal black eyes looks a bit scared himself, but why wouldn’t he be? It’s Halloween and the Ghostbusters are near by. See Green Product







5. Scary Skull Solar Light

Lastly, here is a solar light with glowing green eyes and a cracked skull. It automatically comes on at night and recharges during the day. What is it? The Scary Skull Solar Light and it is the finishing touch to your Halloween décor, because Halloween just isn’t Halloween without a skull. See Green Product





What are the benefits? There are no more wires to trip over, tangle up or short circuit and your electric bill doesn’t go up any higher than it already is. All you need is the sun and some Halloween spirit. Use them again next year and the year after that. So while everyone else is still messing with cords and plugs, you’ll be a little freer from all the mess, and in a way, so will they.

Have a happy, safe and eco-friendly Halloween!

Gloria Campos-Hensley

Oct 29, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

That's the Headless Horseman's Head

with a light, so he is now Lightheaded

Oct 29, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

That's the Headless Horseman's Head

with a light, so he is now Lightheaded

Nov 12, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)


i love it